This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


55. Valentines Dinner

(6:30 PM)

"All of our clothes and stuff is here...but we just need new furniture and paint. But lets worry about that some other time. I honestly want the rest of our Valentines day together to be perfect. That's why I wanted to move in together and do some fun stuff from my bucket list. But since there was a bump in the middle of the road,we're running behind. Now lets go finish my bucket list,then we can finish the new place." Niall says,and I nod,and start going through all of my clothes piled into various boxes and bags. Niall stood up,and walked towards the bathroom. I quickly grabbed my favorite black dress,the one that's hem falls an inch above my knee. I slipped on the fabric that fits just right,then a silver belt around the middle.

Soon,my hair was curly and my make-up was applied. I found my black heels and silvery clutch. I never take off the necklace Ni gave me. It hasn't left my neck,not even for the hour we were fighting. I sprayed some perfume and walked into the main room,and saw Niall wearing a tux-like outfit,but not as fancy. He still looked really nice,and super hot. "Hey handsome,ready to go?" I say,walking towards him with a cheeky smile. "You look beautiful Karter." He says,snaking his arm around my waist as my cheeks are pink. "You blush a lot,it's cute,stop trying to hide it." Niall says,moving my hair out of my face. My cheeks burnt even more. 


We arrived at a nice looking place,and it turns out that Niall made reservations for us to be in a corner,just us. Plus,it's on a balcony. We sat across from each other,and as I looked through the menu,I'd glance up every so often to see Niall staring at me and biting his nails. Damn,that boy likes to make me blush. After a little while,we ordered. Niall getting a Steak meal,and me getting a Pasta Salad. As we ate,Niall kept poking his fork into my Pasta Salad and stealing some. I'dgiggle and ignore him. After a few more minutes of this happening,I decided to forget about being a vegetarian. It was boring. As he reached his fork onto my plate,I pushed my fork to his,taking a piece of the cut up steak. Before he could say anything,I popped it in my mouth. His eyes became wide and his mouth gaped open. "I thought you were a vegetarian?" He questioned. "I WAS a vegetarian. But this steak is really good." I say,taking another piece. Niall smiles,and we finish our meals,sharing them actually. 

"Want dessert?" He asks as the waitress takes our plates. "Not really,but if you want we can split something or whatever?" I say,and he shakes his head. "I'm full,surprisingly." He chuckles. I laugh and the bill is placed on our table. The waitress leaves,and I stand up,walking to the wall of the balcony. "This is beautiful." I say,pointing at the city. The bright lights still amaze me every time I see them. "You're beautiful." He says into my ear from behind,his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder. My cheeks turn pink,"What's with you and making me blush?" I joke,turning around in his arms.  I  kissed him,and pulled back. He seemed nervous. "Nialler,what's wrong?" I ask,staring into his beautiful blue orbs. He pulls away,and after a few moments,he begins. 

"Karter,I'm so,so sorry about today. If I could go back in time and change that,I would. Your tattoos look amazing,and I know you trust me,and I trust you. I really love that. I love that we started as best friends. And sadly,we became even closer because of you hurting yourself. But I'm glad I could help. When we first met,we both had braces. No tattoos. And you had your 


Strawberry Red hair. Now,neither of us have braces,just straight teeth. I have one tattoo,and you have a few. And you still have your Strawberry hair. But you aren't hurting yourself anymore,and that makes me feel good. I couldn't stand seeing you dying inside,and out. I just,I want to be with you,forever. So we can live our crazy adventures together,like what we did earlier today. And even if we fight every single day,I still want to be with you. Until we're 6 feet under ground. Then,we can become zombies together. My point is,Karter,will you marry me?" He finishes,pulling out a velvet box,and kneeling. My eyes are already teared up,and soon the tears start flowing. I nod,and Niall puts the ring onto my finger,standing up and pulling me into his arms. "Princess,stop crying." He says,and I know he's smiling. I look up,and press my lips to his. "I love you Nialler." I say,and he smiles. "You have mascara all over your face,and yet,you're still hot." He says. "Niall!" 

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