This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


38. The beach

Authors note:From now on,chapters will swear a little,sorry. And More Than You'll Ever Know has been published :)


El and I ran up to my room,and we had matching flip flops,bikini's and dresses to go over them. Our bikini's look like this: and our dresses: and our flip flops: .We packed quick lunches,braided our hair,and waited for the boys. We quickly put each others sun-block on and the boys finally came own. Louis was wearing white and blue striped shorts and Niall wearing dark green ones. We drove to the beach.


El and I were tanning,and she had unhooked mine,and her,bikini tops so we would tan better. We ended up falling asleep listening to the boys messing around.


El woke me up,and looked panicked,"Don't sit up,the boys took our dresses and tops!" I covered the upper half of my body with a towel,and El did the same. Louis and Niall were splashing around acting like nothing happened. "I'm gonna kill them!" I shouted,running towards the water,El right by my side. Louis started laughing hysterically and ran down the beach,sand flying everywhere,and Niall followed. "Thank God we're still the only ones here!" I screamed to El as we chased them,still struggling to hold up the towels. Louis,stopped a few yards in front of us,causing Niall to stop as well. "Just give us the towels..or drop them!" He said winking,and then continued,"We'll take them if we have too." I doubted Niall would do that,but Louis would. Niall smiled and ran,Louis following. El was about to run,but I stopped her. "Let their asses run. Take your hair out of the braid and do as I say." I said,pulling the band out of my hair,and letting it cover my chest,her hair doing the same. I dragged her to a large boulder,and we stood behind it,the boys could only see from our shoulders up. We each threw our towels to the side where they would see them,and our long hair covered our bare chests. I waved to Niall,and he and Louis ran towards us. I pressed the front of my body against the rock,El doing the same. They stood a yard behind us,and Louis spoke.


"Turn around,arms at your sides,and we'll give you your stuff." I could hear him laugh. I made sure my hair was over my chest,and turned the same time El did. Louis made a whining sound. "Ugh. I wish your hair wasn't that long." He said,pretending to be upset as he set our tops in front of us. I grabbed mine and turned away to put it on,and then my dress. After a few minutes,El was ready too. 

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