This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


18. Taxi

Niall and I were pretty drunk. On a scale from 1-10,probably 6 or 7. We were sitting in the back of the taxi. We were pretty close together. I wouldn't realize this until tomorrow,but I say anything I feel like saying when I'm drunk. I keep no secrets. I say everything. I would hate myself tomorrow. I turned to Niall. He was way taller then me,my height is only 5'3. Very short for my age. I looked up at him,he looked down at me. "Niall,I thought that I liked Harry. I thought I had a crush on him. But my brain just told me to think that. I actually,honestly,truthfully,Love you." I slurred my words. He looked at me. "I've always had a crush on you. I just thought that if I told you that,you wouldn't want to be my friend anymore." He told the Taxi driver to stop the car. We got out. We went to my room. We didn't say anything else.We lay down,right next to each other,and fell asleep.

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