This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


49. Somewhere special

"Where are we?" I asked Niall as we stepped out of the taxi. "This,is the area,where the new singing competition show,World's Next Star,will be hosted. And I signed you up." He replied. "Niall?! What the hell were you thinking?! I can't sing in front of all these people!" I gasped. "Yes you can,because I'm signed up too." He grabbed my hand again. "Niall! I can't go on stage alone!" I whimpered. "Yes you can. I believe in you." He hugged me and pulled me inside.

The arena was filled. And as we walked in,people got on and off stage. The majority of them were immediately told no. Niall signed in,got our Numbers,and took me to the row of seats in the back. "We go one after another. Me,then you." He said,putting an arm around me.


After about an hour,it was Niall's turn.He ran to the stage,and I followed. I stood backstage,and watched him the whole time. The judges were Simon Cowell,Piers Morgan,and Anna Kendrick. I smiled at Niall as he looked over. He began to sing Jason Mraz,I won't give up. He was cut off,and given a yes almost immediately by Anna. Simon said yes,and Piers said no,but Niall still went through. He ran back to me and squeezed me and pushed me on stage. 


"Hi,I'm Karter." I said as soon as their attention was on me. "How old are you?" Anna asked. "19." I said,then remembered Niall was 20 now. "What'll you be singing Karter?" Simon asked,making me nervous. "I'll be singing part of Titanium by David Guetta." I stated,and began to sing. I stopped after I sang the chorus. "That was very good." Anna said,she always says positive things,I thought to myself. "I say yes." Anna continued. "Yes." Piers said,and then I looked at Simon. "Well,I'm not sure. I'll say yes,but if you disappoint me,you're gone." He said,causing me to open my mouth slightly. I ran off stage,and right into Niall's arms. He lifted me into the air,and when he brought me down,he pressed his lips to mine. "I told you,you could do it." He whispered in my ear.

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