This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


33. Shops and Dinner

I woke up and felt an arm around me. I turned and faced Niall. He was already awake. He smiled,"Morning beautiful." He pulled me closer to him. He pulls me on-top of him,and i lay my head on his chest. He started playing with my hair.


After a few moments,we got up. "Get ready,please wear a dress?" He smiled and left my room. I slipped off my shirt and put on a fitting lilac purple colored dress and a white scarf. I put on purple flats and curled my hair before putting on a white beanie. I did my make-up quickly and went over to Niall's room. He had on black jeans and a gray button up shirt with white Converse shoes. He smiled when he saw me. I bit my lip and he grabbed my hand. "Lets go babe." I smiled as he said that and we left.


He drove me to a Corner mall called "Little Corners". We went inside and he immediately took me to a Little store called "Cute Couple Clothes" And we went in. It was a bright little store and all the clothes,were in pairs,for couples. Like a pair that had a Blue shirt that said "Hers" In pink and a Pink shirt that said "His" in blue. There were Disney couple shirts,random ones,and there was even an area in the store where you can get actual tattoos. We got these Couple T-Shirts (copy and paste) 


After we bought them,I asked Niall to get a Couple Tat with me. He wasn't sure at first,but I said he could pick what we got. He picked: (Copy and Paste)

I hadn't expected him to pick such a complicated tattoo,but I was fine with it. The Tattoos took a few hours and some pain,but after they were finished,they looked amazing. 


We looked around at some places,but didn't really buy anything. At around 5:14,we left the mall. As we drove towards the restaurant that Niall said I would love,he started singing along to the radio. "You're an amazing singer." I said at a stop sign. He smiled,"Sing with me,you are too." I shook my head at first but then he gave me puppy-dog eyes before continuing to drive,so as the song Just Give me A Reason by P!nk and Nate Ruess came on,Niall and I sang together. 


After it ended,he smiled,parked the car at a place called "Rooftop Diner" And pulled out his phone. "I just recorded me and you singing that.." And stuck his tongue out at me. He knows how i hate when people hear me sing. "Oh wow. Your a butt!" I said laughing and punching his arm. He pulled me close to him,and kissed me. "You know you love me." He winked,got out,and I followed. 


He grabbed my hand and we walked in. He had already made reservations for a Private Table,ON THE ROOF! It reminded me of one of our first dates.We were the only people up there. We ordered quickly,I got the Pasta Salad and Niall got the Steak and mashed potatoes. "Did you know I'm a vegetarian?" I asked as the waitress walked away. He shook his head and smiled. I smiled back. He poked one of my dimples. 


As we ate,he got  a text and smiled before saying,"I just gotta text from Louis,Him and El are gonna come here tomorrow and go to the beach with us and then go home with us." I smiled,"Awesome." 


After we finished,and payed,he kissed me,and took a picture. And made it his phone Lock-screen. I smiled. We went home,and he carried me on his back to my room. 

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