This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


2. My FIRST day

I got in,showed my student ID,and got on the elevator. I pressed the 6th floor. I had room 68. I got off and walked to my room. I unlocked the door to see a guy who looked around 20 and a girl about the same age,making out. "Erm..Am I in the right room? 68?" I said,looking around,embarrassed. They quickly pulled apart and the girl stood up,blushing. "You're in the right room sweetie. I'm Eleanour,Your room-mate. This is my boyfriend,Louis." The guy stood and shook my hand. He quickly walked out of the room and left us. I shut the door and sat on a plain,white,unused bed. I unpacked a suitcase and a few things I had brought from home. 


"Sorry about that.." Eleanour said after I had finished unpacking. I smiled. "Its okay,don'y worry about it." She smiled back and sat on her bed. I decided to start a conversation,"What're you here to study?" I asked,looking her over. She instantly replied,"I'm a model,but I want to get better at it." I nodded,she is very beautiful. "So,do we go to classes?" She shrugged. "Sometimes,you don't have to today.' I smiled.  


I ended up falling asleep,apparently,because I was awoken to someone shaking me. I looked up and saw Louis,the guy from earlier. "WAKE UP!" I shook my head and pulled a pillow over it. He pulled it off,along with all the blankets. I sighed and sat up. I saw a bunch of people staring at me. I lay back and covered my face,I probably looked like shit. I felt someone pull me up and sit in front of me,Eleanour. She fixed my hair and went to sit with Louis. "Guys,this is Karter,my room-mate." Everyone in the room smiled. "Everyone's here,except for Harry." Said a blonde boy with an Irish accent. 

"Guys,lets just leave her alone,let her sleep." Said another guy,his head sorta shaved. They quickly left and i quickly fwll back asleep.

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