This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


25. His house

We arrived at his house. We stood outside and he grabbed my hand and said "Come on babe." I smiled. He unlocked the door quietly and we left our stuff on the porch. We tip-toed inside and when he saw his mum,he ran over and hugged her. "Niall! I missed you!" She shouted,squeezing him. He pulled away and pulled me over. "Mum,this is Karter,my girlfriend. His mum hugged me. "I'm glad that my Nialler finally found someone." I smiled when she said that,but Niall blushed. She told Niall to take me to a room upstairs so I could unpack my things. There was a guest room right next to his,so that's where I chose to stay.He helped me put my things in drawers and the closet. Then he told me to sit down in the closet and he'd be right back. 


I heard a sound coming from Niall's closet,then a little door opened. There was a connection between my closet and his. He smiled. He grabbed one of my hands. We sat there and stared at each other for a little while. Then he said,"My mum doesn't want us to sleep in the same room because she thinks we're going to you something..and you know what that something is. So now we can talk at night through mum doesn't know about it." I nodded.

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