This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


31. Girls day..

*Karter's P.O.V*


We each got a quick coffee from Starbucks. Then we went to a few clothing places like Aeropostale,Forever 21,and Hollister. Then we went to a few perfume places,and then we got lunch. We went to a few of Mum Horan's favorite places,and at 3:57 p.m.,We got in the car to go back 'home'. We got home at 4:17. Mum Horan said she had to work a shift until 2 a.m.


Niall wanted to see everything I bought. I showed him the 3 pairs of Vans,2 pairs of Toms,and clothes. He said to pretend I was a model. I put on each pair of shoes. Then I put on the Yellow skinny jeans,denim skirt,black skirt,3 shirts,and Dress that I bought. 

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