This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


23. Finally Friday

It was finally Friday. It was 4 pm. I just finished my last class. I had Aced my Science test. I changed into basketball shorts and a skin tight,short sleeved shirt. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I had been eating.I was almost my normal weight again after 3 weeks. Niall just walked into the room."Get up!' I was laying down,picking at my nails. I stood up. "What?" I moaned. "We're gonna pack your suitcase! I'm already done." I grabbed my suitcase and set it on my bed. The outfit I was gonna wear on the plane was sitting on my dresser along with clean underwear and a bra. I put all of my other undergarments in my suitcase first. Then Niall threw in like 3 bathing suits. I looked at him questioningly. He just shrugged. Then he started throwing in everything that he liked. All of the shirts,skirts,shorts,pants,and dresses that he liked on me.Then some shoes.Then everything else.After like 2 hours,it was done.He ran to his room and grabbed everything he would need,his suitcase and all. He lay down next to me,wrapped his arms around me,and sung a song until I fell asleep.

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