This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


51. Bucket List

"Shh" Niall whispered,holding my hand. "1,2,3" He whispered. He pushed open the doors of the wardrobe and jumped out. "WE'RE BACK FROM NARNIA!" Niall screamed,and pulled me towards the exit of the furniture store. I laughed and laughed as the manager ran after us. We jumped in Niall's car and drove away,fast. "Niall,was that seriously the first thing on the list?" I asked,holding onto my stomach that hurt from laughing. He nodded,and pulled into a Mcdonald's Drive Through. "Niall,I'm a vegetarian and Mcdona-" Niall literally put his hand on my face. "Just listen,and shut up please,Princess." I licked his hand and he pulled it away. He pressed a small kiss to my lips and pulled up to the ordering area. "Hello,Can I take your order?" An agitated sounding woman asked. "NO YOU CANNOT!" Niall screamed,pulling the car forward and onto the road. I punched his arm. "You have the weirdest bucket list ever babe." I said,smiling. 

"Change Princess." Niall demanded when we got back into El and Lou's flat. "Into what?" I asked,lying on the couch. It's noon already. I hear Niall leave and I begin to close my eyes. A little while later,my shoes are removed.Then,I hear Niall whisper softly,"Please get ready Princess. I have your clothes ready." I slowly sit up. Then he hands me a white cami,gray sweatpants,and tells me not to wear shoes. He leaves the room,and I quickly dress. "Do I take off my socks?" I ask as he walks back in. He shook his head and lifts me piggy-back style. We go out to the car and I'm gently set down in the passengers side. 


We soon arrive at a large building. We walk in and I see a Twister area set up,with paint on each color. I see Harry and another person,who I find out is named Jill. She's going to spin the board while Harry,Niall,and I move. "Left foot,green." She says,and we all step,Niall and I next to each other and Harry across from us. He and I are still kind of distant. "Right hand blue." "Left hand yellow." Left foot red." And on and on. I end up falling on my back,and Niall next to me. Harry wins,and smiles,dimples appearing. I pull myself ontop of Niall,and rub some paint on his face. 

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