This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


40. Back

I must have fallen asleep because I was awoken by warm,warm water. I looked down to see that I was in a Jacuzzi,at Niall's house. I hadn't noticed it before,but damn,it felt nice. I was next to Niall,and across from El. She smiled at me. I pulled my hair up into a bun and Niall wrapped an arm around me. "I love you" I whispered,and it was barely audible over the jets. "Love you too." He said,kissing my nose. 


"So,do you too Lovebirds wanna play Truth or Dare?" El joked. I shrugged,and Niall replied,"I'm up for it." I stood up and wrapped a towel around my body,everyone else doing the same. I ran up to the bathroom,and El followed. "Hey,do you mind if I hop in the shower with ya? I mean we can wear our bikinis since we're just rinsing off." She asked,and I heard Louis in the hallway joke to Niall,"I wanna watch them shower together." I shouted,"Shut up perv!" I heard him laugh before I nodded to El. We hopped in,turning on the water. I put some shampoo in my hair,and put some soap on my arms,legs,and stomach,El mimicking me. We finished and I made her look away while I peeled off my wet swim-suit and then pulling a towel tightly around my body. Then I turned,letting her do the same.We went to my room,and her suitcase was on my bed. She went into the closet to change.She came out wearing the Pajamas we had got together,hers looking like this: and mine looking like this: and we went to Niall's room,and knocked on the door. Niall was wearing this and Louis wearing a pair of plaid pajama pants,shirtless as well. We all sat on the bed. El started playing with my hair,and when she was finished,we were talking about Movies and my hair looked like this,but its normal Strawberry red color: . My mouth opened in awe as I looked in the mirror. "Its awesome El!" I smiled at her. 


"Should we play truth or dare now guys?" Louis asked,I saw the mischievous look in his eyes,and suddenly realized some stuff he'd dare me to do.

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