This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


46. Afterwards

After getting a few photos,stopping some places,and having a toast/cheers in the Limo,we arrived at the place where food would be served,people would dance,and get drunk. Niall grabbed my hand to help me out,making sure I didn't tear my dress. Zayn did the same for Perrie,Liam for Danielle,and Harry for Marcy. I noticed that he didn't show much interest in her. He was probably just trying to be nice,and the only thing hes said pretty much the whole time was "Congratulations." Once.


We went inside,and sat at a table in the very front,so everyone could see us. I sat next to El,and Niall beside me and beside him,Zayn,then Perrie,then Marcy. On the other side of El,Louis sat,then Harry,then Liam,then Dani. We had speeches,cheers,the newly wedded couples first dance,and then we all ate. As soon as Harry finished,he went to the bar area. Marcy ended up leaving a few hours later because she had to catch a trip to visit her mum. Some older guests (55+) ended up leaving by 9:00 PM. 


Niall and I danced a little,and I think I drank just as much as he did,which surprised him.We danced,laughed,and talked a lot.I couldn't really remember everything that was happening,but I remember El and Louis dragging us up to the rooftop, they were still sober. Niall and I couldn't stop laughing. He grabbed my hand as we climbed flights of stairs,and we ept running,and El and Lou had to hurry to keep up. I looked down and saw I was wearing this dress: instead of my other dress. I looked at El and she laugh before explaining what happened,"Karter,you changed into this like I told you to so you wouldn't ruin your other dress,but you can ruin this one." I nodded. "What do you want us here for?" I asked,and Niall laughed,for no apparent reason. Louis smiled. "Damn,you guys are really drunk." I laughed and went to poke him,but missed,and poked air. Everyone laughed and El added,"Don't drive yourselves home." Niall nodded and they told us what they wanted to tell us. "Okay you two,remember this please. We're leaving for our Honeymoon to the Bahama's in 6 hours,its 11:58 PM right now. Go home,and make sure you don't try to call us or text us when we're gone,it costs extra. Don't hurt yourselves,we love you.You should probably leave soon." Eleanor said,smiling. "And don't have too much fun." Louis said,winking.


At about 1 am,we were like the only ones still there,except a few others. Niall grabbed my hand,and as we ran towards the door,my dress caught on something,and a slit ran form my hip to the hem (near my knee).I kept running,and laughing. 

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