One Direction Imagines

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1. Niall

              Heyyyy, Ni... what are you doing tonight???? You ask your boyfriend Niall +

              (Y/N) what do i do every night? Niall asked

           I dont know... eat and sleep in the kitchen? you ask him

         no i cuddle with my love! he replies

Oh so I'm not your only you have a Princesses and a love. How dare you do this to me. You pout jokingly making him laugh his sexy laugh which is very contagouis!

    Niall... Stop... making....Me....Laugh.... You plead between laughs.

    After you got done with your laughing session you guys get up and kiss then,snuggle on the couch and you guys watch Grease because you know how much Niall loves it.

You fall in to deep sleep <3 He kisses your forehead and goes to sleeo laying your head on his chest

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