Brianna is auditioning for X-Factor, to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer. Her friends helped her prepare for anything that could happen. She felt like she knew everything, but she didn't know that Zayn Malik, her ex-best-friend was auditioning too. What will happen? Read to find out.


1. Making a new friend

Today was the first day for me on X Factor.
I was really nervous. I didn't know anyone here..
I was all alone until this blonde haired guy comes up to me and says, "hey do you know where the food table is? Simon won't tell me because he wants me to be on a diet..."
I just sit there and stare at him and laugh..
He sits there with a blank expression on his face and says," What?"
"You are so funny!!" I say laughing uncontrolably.
He starts laughing too.
I stop laughing and he blushes.
"I know." He says embaressed.
"You know what?" I ask confused.
"My laugh sucks.. I hate it..." he says sulking.
"Well I don't. I love your laugh actually! I envy you." I say with a serious face expression.
"Really?" He asks lifting up his head shocked.
"Really." I say smiling.
"Oh yeah I almost frogot.." he says.
"I'm Niall, whats your name?" he asks holding out his hand smiling.
"My name is Brianna, Cool Name!" I say shaking his hand smiling.
I just made a new friend in less than an hour thats got to be a new record. I say to myself.
Yeah sorry this was so short, but this is the beginning so its supposed to be short!
Well I hope you read chapter 2 when I post it!

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