The Nightmare

This is a nightmare that has constantly haunted me since I was in third grade. The people in this story are by no means like this. But then, it's a nightmare, isn't it?

Side note: This is an exercise to get it out of my head. It is rushed and most likely full of errors. Haha, sorry about that.

Status: Complete


5. Welcome Home


Welcome Home


          "Ughnn," I groaned, holding my head. Where was I? What happened? I shifted through my thoughts trying to remember the past few hours.

          "Good," Kai's voice weaved its way into my confusion. Was I still in camp?

          I opened my eyes. The world slowly fused together as reality hit. I was still in the graveyard. My cousins were dead. I was dying ... but I had lived! Kai had lived! Maybe Charles had as well! I flung myself upwards into a sitting position. The world seemed to tilt, blurring for a few seconds. I moaned in protest once more. Closing my eyes I waited for a sense of balance to return. I felt Kai rub my back.

          "Take it slow for a little bit," her voice soothed over my nerves. "You nearly died."

          "Charles ... ?" I asked. Opening my eyes I saw cut up, withering vines lay discarded around me.

          "He ... wasn't as lucky," Kai frowned, "I'm sorry. ... I buried him."

          I blinked back my tears. How could I lose so much in such little time? "I am confused. Where did the ivy ... ?"

          "Shhhh," Kai helped me stand. She gave me back my make shift cane. "I'll tell you everything once we get inside. We're so close now. Don't you want somewhere warm to rest?"

          I nodded, "Yes ... " I looked up at the mansion. The stone walls seemed so cold. It terrified me a little, but the lights ... I could just make out a few silhouettes sitting at a table. My stomach rumbled. I took a step forward without thinking.

          "Yes," Kai's voice snaked across the distance between us. It seemed almost joyful. "That's it, just a few more minutes by foot."

         We continued along in silence. Images danced across before me like half visible daydreams. My cousins ... my friend ... they were waiting for me. They were sitting there enjoying a meal waiting for me to join them. With each step the pain in my ankle subsided. With each inch forward the horror seemed to dissipate. All I could think of was how warm the inside of the mansion would be. Kai trailed behind me, but she was close enough where I could almost feel her presence.

          As we made our final approach Kai quickened her pace so that she was able to open the door for me. She didn't bother to knock. The door was unlocked. I drifted past the threshold before my mind had time to question. Kai stepped past me once more. Her lips twisted up in a full grin.

          "Welcome home, Kayla," her voice was deeper than before. A cold chill slinked down my spine causing my momentary happiness to disappear.

          " ... Kai?" I turned to fully face her.

          She chuckled, slipping into a deeper octave, "Oh. Oh no," she shook her head, "I forgot I was wearing this still." She reached behind her head. Slowly she pulled her hand forward gripping onto a tiny black, metal zipper. Her skin split as she unzipped her body like a useless costume. What emerged was the body of a demon. Its skin was bright, blood red with a leathery texture. The eyes were hollow black holes. It only had a few strands of black hair sprouting from the side of its head.

          "I'm so glad you continued on," it smiled revealing three rows of tiny teeth. "I was afraid you weren't going to make it."

          I stood paralyzed from disgust as it stepped out of the Kai skin suit it had been wearing. It reached out a hand towards me. The nails were tar black, curled over like talons. I took one step back bending my body backwards. I opened and closed my mouth. Words died in my throat before I could produce them into an audible protest.

          "Don't worry, Kayla," it laughed once more. Movement from behind the demon caught my attention. Three similar beasts stood up from their feast. Upon it lay a corpse of young man. His chest was flayed open. Chunks of his body had been carved out and placed on the surrounding plates. His eyes frozen open in shock. Recognition shot through my body. The young man was once my cousin Matt. I felt the cold talon brush softly across my cheek where the branch had previously marred.

          The demon pressed its cheek against the other side of my face with its lips rested against my ear. "This won't hurt a bit," it whispered softly before I descended into darkness one last time.

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