The Nightmare

This is a nightmare that has constantly haunted me since I was in third grade. The people in this story are by no means like this. But then, it's a nightmare, isn't it?

Side note: This is an exercise to get it out of my head. It is rushed and most likely full of errors. Haha, sorry about that.

Status: Complete


2. The Gate


The Gate


          It had been five minutes since the rain had passed. The clouds were still drifting apart to reveal a beautiful crescent moon while the sky was punctured with twinkling spots of white and blue. I always seem to forget how breath taking the night sky was outside city limits. I wanted to fly up into the night sky and dance on an invisible stage lit only by the distant glow of their brilliant hues. I felt my hand reach upward. I desperately wanted to capture the magic-

          “Well, this could be a problem,” Matt’s sliced through my thoughts. I dropped my hand quickly and glanced ahead to where Kai and Matt stood. In front of us stood a tall iron gate. I made my way forward and pushed against the cold metal. It wouldn’t budge. I pressed my shoulder against it and shoved. The gate mocked me by opening slightly before swinging shut again.

          “I’m going to need help with this,” I admitted finally. “One of you stay with Cassie, you other two, come help me.”

          “I’ll stay with Cassie,” Kai grinned, dropping back to take Charles place. He shrugged and made his way forward. Before Matt could reach me a sound broke our silence. It was the sound of stone grating against stone. My heart skipped. Something in the back of my mind nagged me to look upwards. Reluctantly I looked up to the pillars of the gate. On the top crouched two unfriendly looking gargoyles. One faced outward … the other was staring down at us, eyes burning in a deep red.

          “Run,” I heard myself hiss. The gargoyle swiveled its body slowly. Its wings unfolded, spreading full length into the air. “Run!” My voice shouted, but my body stood paralyzed by the gate. My heart pounded with each flap of its stone wings. “GODDAMNIT!” I’m not sure if my voice was screaming in my head or if I had actually spoken out loud, “RUN!!”

          The stone beast leapt off its perch. Defying every logic and scientific rule I knew, it remained in the air. Its wings flapped slowly. I felt my lips move, but all sound had been washed away by the blood rushing in my ears and the sound of its wings. My heart raced, threatening to burst from the cage inside my chest. My legs remained glued to one spot while every muscle screamed trying violently to get me to move. I watched as it swooped down towards Matt.

          Matt closed his eyes. His arms flung up crossing before him like a feeble shield. His mouth flew open as he bent backwards to limbo away from the winged beast’s claws. I could hear a muted version of a male screaming in terror, but I couldn’t, for the life of me pinpoint its location. He turned his head away from the gargoyle, facing towards his sister. Her eyes grew wide as a tear slid from her eyes. Her mouth moved, but still no sound came. None of which I could hear.

          The stone talons sunk into his chest piercing both cloth and flesh. Liquid red splattered across dark grey. The second claw struck his belly. More blood sprayed across the stone and grass. The gargoyle lifted its prized catch into the air like an eagle with a trout flying off into the distance from which we came. My legs buckled beneath me. I fell against the iron gate. I felt as if I had become some wiggling mass of jelly.

          Sound rushed back in. I could hear the cries and sobs of my companions … and the gate swinging open. It was now willing to cooperate now that it had its sacrifice. I looked behind me. The mansion laid just a bit farther, the light seemed warmer, but the brick face was colder. I looked away again. My fingers threaded through my hair, gripping the roots as I cried.

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