The Nightmare

This is a nightmare that has constantly haunted me since I was in third grade. The people in this story are by no means like this. But then, it's a nightmare, isn't it?

Side note: This is an exercise to get it out of my head. It is rushed and most likely full of errors. Haha, sorry about that.

Status: Complete


4. Rest In Peace


Rest In Peace


          An hour passed on. I followed behind Charles and Kai using the branch to support my weight. They had been whispering to each other and glancing back at me. My patience was near nonexistent. I had lost both of my cousins. It had been my fault. I should have never sent us on this fool’s journey. We could have made it back to camp. We should have made it back to camp. Yet here we were, still being drawn to the mansion.

          It towered, imposing before us. We had made it out of the forest. The only thing that laid between us was a field of marbled markers of the dead. I smirked to myself. I could taste my bitter disappointment in myself as I stared at the cemetery. If I had seen this in the beginning, would I have attempted this venture in the first place?

          “Kayla,” Kai broke my silence. She dropped back to talk to me.

          “Yes, Kai?” I attempted a smile.

          “It’s almost over,” she patted me on the shoulder, “We are also there.”

          My voice stuck in my throat. I tried searching for a way to respond. ‘Almost over.’ My mind echoed the phrase inside my head. ‘Almost over.’ I turned my gaze away from hers. I didn’t want her to see my doubts and self guilt while she was doing her best to cheer me up.

          My eyes rested on a white marbled grave stone. The white was mixed with swirls of smoky grey with flex of black. Upon it were chiseled English words, but my brain refused to understand the writing.

          “Charles,” I heard my own voice flee my body. Charles dropped back to stand next to me.

          “What’s wrong, Kayla?” he asked.

          I couldn’t reply. I raised my hand, my whole body shook as I pointed to the tombstone. Kai leaned over to read the words out loud, “Rest. In. Peace. Here lies the body of a gentle soul. Charles.” She looked up, her expression fixed with shock. “It has today’s date on it.”

           "... Ashes?" Charles his deep voice rumbled in wonder.

              "We need to get out of here," I shook my head to clear it, "I'm not going to lose anyone else to this damn mansion."

              "But you haven't yet," Charles placed his hand on my shoulder. He smiled looking as carefree as ever. "I'm still here. What could possibly kill me in a graveyard?"

          "Don't say that," I grumbled, "That's how people get killed." I turned my body to leave but the lower half would not budge. I looked down. "What the f ... " Vines of ivy had wrapped itself around my legs. How had I not noticed them before? My breath hitched. My mind clouded as my vision blurred. It was happening. It was happening right now. Something was going to come and kill us.

          I glanced to over to Charles. I could barely make out the fuzzy outlines of his image. Green fuzzy streaks surrounded him. I swayed. My brain whirled around as blackness closed around me. I struggled to breath. My hands jumped to my throat. There was something thick ... cord ...? I pierced my nails into the thing around my neck. It remained unfazed. 'Air' my mind whispered. I opened my mouth clawing desperately around my neck. Pain followed by fear slashed my senses. I just needed air ...

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