My Life. My Ways. / DISCONTINUED

Jennifer was Pretty. They say her smile lights up the whole room. But sometimes don't let her Smile fool you. yes, she is pretty and yet kind. but if she likes you or you get into her bad side, you will see a different side of her. Her Best Friend Demi, has seen all her sides, all her phases, and shapes. They have been together through ups and downs. Jennifer is a rocker but has a different style than most rockers. She is a unique girl. Her Best Friend Demi is a fan of One Direction. Yes. Two different Genres are Best Friends. But when Jennifer bumps into a Blondie on the street, she didn't know it was the one and only Niall Horan. And she also didn't know she was going to his house later in that week. What will Happen ? Does it mean fate between them ? Find out in My Life. My Ways.


4. NOT A CHAPTER! ~ Sorry


  HEY!!! i am sorry this is not a chapter, But I will be doing one tomorrow! Anyway.. TODAY IS LOUIS DAY!! YAY!! I am kinda dressed like Louis.. And has written WE LOVE LOUIS on my wrist. SUPERMAN! so today is also Easter . Some of you don't celebrate it because of religious reasons. But its ok. And some of you already celebrated it because of time difference. But its ok! thank you for all the comments and all the views! and the likes and favorites! you guys are awesome little whales!! I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE WHALES!! BYE!! ~Unicorn

P.s. MY real name is Jasmin!

p.p.s BUt i like to be called unicorn! ^.^

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