My Life. My Ways. / DISCONTINUED

Jennifer was Pretty. They say her smile lights up the whole room. But sometimes don't let her Smile fool you. yes, she is pretty and yet kind. but if she likes you or you get into her bad side, you will see a different side of her. Her Best Friend Demi, has seen all her sides, all her phases, and shapes. They have been together through ups and downs. Jennifer is a rocker but has a different style than most rockers. She is a unique girl. Her Best Friend Demi is a fan of One Direction. Yes. Two different Genres are Best Friends. But when Jennifer bumps into a Blondie on the street, she didn't know it was the one and only Niall Horan. And she also didn't know she was going to his house later in that week. What will Happen ? Does it mean fate between them ? Find out in My Life. My Ways.


12. chapter 9

     Jennifer's POV


 I spinned the bottle just to land on.. Nial!?

He seemed pretty shocked himself just by the look on his face. If he is shocked, Then this could be quite fun.

'' Ok, Niall.. Truth or dare? '' I asked in a scary, deep, manly, Voice.

the others laughed at the sound of my voice. I just gave them a grin. I looked back at Niall, debating on which one he wanted to go for. He just sat there looking at the ceiling now lost in his thoughts. My God he's taking forever!


'' Fine, Fine, Fine, Shish, I pick.. Dare. '' He said looking at me waiting on what to dare him on.

I gave a devilish smile at him and thinking or all the awesome things I could make him do.. I finally Picked one  and it was Perf. Just Perf.I looked at Demi with a smile I always give her when I do this one. She looked at me with shock eyes. She shook her head making me not to do it. But I just nodded my head in return.

'' Oh god.." I heard her whisper putting her head in her knees.

'' Ok. I dare you to get whip cream and put some on Harrys armpit and lick it off '' I said with a evil grin.

All of the boys looked at me shocked. Especially Harry and Niall. I just shrugged my shoulders. 

'' Hey, He choose dare! now you know not to pick dare on me because I could do a lot worse than that! He is lucky because I could have give him a worse dare.'' I said putting my hands up.

'' Yup. Like me. '' Louis said. I gave him a confused look but shook my head and let it go.

'' OK! Liam would you please get whipcream for us? '' I said giving him a warming smile.

He smiled in return and got up. He went towards the kitchen. 

'' REALLY JENNIFER!? YOU WOULD DO THAT TO THEM! '' She yelled at me. but then giggled at the end.

'' Oh Demi I would. I really would. Because I just did. I might be kind. But sassy and mean at the time. You should've known that! '' I said.

'' Yes I do know but really. We just met them.''

'' Oh whales '' I said with the Not-so-sorry look.

She just rolled her eyes. Liam came back with whip cream and water. He set them down and sat down. I grabbed the whip cream and shook it. I turned to Harry. I got up and went to him.

'' Now Harry, Left your arm up! '' I said.

He did as told and lifted up his right arm. I put whip cream on his armpit. I put a bunch because I wanted to enjoy this. I looked at Niall and he knew that was his cue. H went towards Harry and looked at him. Both of them closed their eyes and Niall went towards his armpit. He stuck his tongue out and started to lick it. He keeps licking it till it was all then I was on the floor laughing and the others were too. He ran straight towards the water Liam brought in and drank then went towards the kitchen . We followed him . He was by the kitchen sink scrubbing his mouth out. All of us just laughed. When he was done we looked straight at me.

'' Oh I'm going to get you back from this Jennifer. Just you watch'' He said looking at me straight in the eye.

'' OH I don't think so. I always win battles. Not because I'm a girl. It's just because I'm The best! '' I said back.

'' We will see about that.'' 





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