My Life. My Ways. / DISCONTINUED

Jennifer was Pretty. They say her smile lights up the whole room. But sometimes don't let her Smile fool you. yes, she is pretty and yet kind. but if she likes you or you get into her bad side, you will see a different side of her. Her Best Friend Demi, has seen all her sides, all her phases, and shapes. They have been together through ups and downs. Jennifer is a rocker but has a different style than most rockers. She is a unique girl. Her Best Friend Demi is a fan of One Direction. Yes. Two different Genres are Best Friends. But when Jennifer bumps into a Blondie on the street, she didn't know it was the one and only Niall Horan. And she also didn't know she was going to his house later in that week. What will Happen ? Does it mean fate between them ? Find out in My Life. My Ways.


14. chapter 11

    Niall's POV 

"OMG! ITS ONE DIRECTION" a girl yelled.

we all turned to face the girl. then a bunch of girls came running towards us.

" EVERYONE RUN !!! " I yelled

" You don't have to tell me twice " Jennifer said running.

We all runned too. we kept running and running.

" Everyone over here ! " Liam said running towards a dark alley way. We ran then hide behind a big pile of rubbish. I could hear the pack of girls running the other way.

" Oh my fucking god.. That shit was scary. " Demi said. Jennifer agree with her by giving her a nod.

" Can we go to the apartment now ? I think we had enough for tonight. " Zayn  said. heading back towards the sidewalk after about 5 minutes. 

we followed him. We went back in complete silence. we went to the apartment and head inside. It was a  quarter half passes 7. 

" I'm going to sleep. " I said.

" But its early .. " Liam said.

" Yeah but it was a long day " I said, 

I wasn't really going to sleep. I just wanted time for my self. 

" Well, Ok then. " He said. They all went towards the living room. I went upstairs to my room. I got my guitar and laid on the bed. I was strumming it. then I started playing forever young. I guess i didn't hear the door open until i finished the song.

" Man, I love that song " Jennifer came in.



















OMF that was a short chapter.. But Like I really had No idea's what to happen next .. SO ON THE NEXT CHAPTER I WANT YOU TO COMMENT BELOW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN NEXT. LIKE> FAVORITE> AND FAN> Thank you my loves ! ~Unicorn

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