My Life. My Ways. / DISCONTINUED

Jennifer was Pretty. They say her smile lights up the whole room. But sometimes don't let her Smile fool you. yes, she is pretty and yet kind. but if she likes you or you get into her bad side, you will see a different side of her. Her Best Friend Demi, has seen all her sides, all her phases, and shapes. They have been together through ups and downs. Jennifer is a rocker but has a different style than most rockers. She is a unique girl. Her Best Friend Demi is a fan of One Direction. Yes. Two different Genres are Best Friends. But when Jennifer bumps into a Blondie on the street, she didn't know it was the one and only Niall Horan. And she also didn't know she was going to his house later in that week. What will Happen ? Does it mean fate between them ? Find out in My Life. My Ways.


13. chapter 10

     Niall's POV 

" we will see about that "

I walked past them into the living room. I sat in the same spot I was when the game started. The others came back and sat down too.  When they were seated It was my turn to spin the bottle. I spinner it and It landed on Demi . Demi let out a groan. I knew what I was going to do.

" Truth or dare , Demi ? "

" Uhh.. Dare? Yup. Dare. " she said.

" I dare you to.." I looked at Harry. He's been through a lot. But who cares? " to kiss Harry," I paused "on the lips"

both Demi and Jennifer's mouth hung wide open. I saw Harry smirk. I was watching him look at Demi . Like he wanted her. So I was actually helping him. 

" honeys, close your mouth, you'll catch flies. " said Louis. 

Both of them closed they're mouth then shot  me with glares.  I just shrugged. Demi looked at Harry with was right next to her. She  leaned In and so did Harry . They kissed. It lasted for ten seconds tell Louis cut it off.

" Ok! Who wants to go to the park? " Louis questioned.

 All of us shot are hands up. We got up and got our jackets. Jennifer went into the hallway and came back with a cannon camera.

'' Why do you have the camera? '' Harry questioned.

'' Because she love photography and hopes she can be a photographer and when she has the chance she will take scenery photos or just us '' Demi Responded.

Jennifer nodded the Demi's answer. She walked to the door and opened it. We all followed her. We walked towards the park near us which is walking distance actually. When we were there  we picked a spot to sit . It was near a big oak tree and others surrounding it too. I just laid there watching everyone .



     Jennifer's POV

When we were there we sat by big oak trees. I looked around. I walked by myself and snapped pictures. Great photos. I took a lot. Kids in the playground, The clouds. The line or oak trees. I went towards the spot we claimed. I saw that everyone was there. They where just talking about different things. 


They jumped at my sudden outburst. I got up and the gathered around. I snapped the photo and everyone broke up.  they came towards to see the picture.

'' AW! I love IT! '' Demi said. The others nodded in agreement.

'' OMG! ITS ONE DIRECTION! '' a girl yelled.

Uh oh.




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