My Life. My Ways. / DISCONTINUED

Jennifer was Pretty. They say her smile lights up the whole room. But sometimes don't let her Smile fool you. yes, she is pretty and yet kind. but if she likes you or you get into her bad side, you will see a different side of her. Her Best Friend Demi, has seen all her sides, all her phases, and shapes. They have been together through ups and downs. Jennifer is a rocker but has a different style than most rockers. She is a unique girl. Her Best Friend Demi is a fan of One Direction. Yes. Two different Genres are Best Friends. But when Jennifer bumps into a Blondie on the street, she didn't know it was the one and only Niall Horan. And she also didn't know she was going to his house later in that week. What will Happen ? Does it mean fate between them ? Find out in My Life. My Ways.


2. chapter 1

     Jennifer's POV


 "Get up you lazy arse! " Demi yelled beating me up with a pillow.

'' NO! its early!'' I yelled back at her.

'' Dude! its Noon! GET UP!!'' she yelled now jumping on my bed.

'' FINE!! I'm up! god..'' I said getting up from my bed and stretching.

'' Good, because GUESS WHAT!!'' She said sitting besides me.

'' what is it now?'' I said annoyed.

'' WE ARE GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!! '' She yelled jumping up and down.

'' The boy band you're obsessed with? '' I said.

'' Not obsessed! its DEDICATED!! '' She yelled the last part.

'' Whatever.. '' I said getting up.

'' OK so get out I'm going to change! shoo! Go!'' I pushed her out of my room.

  I got dressed into some black skinny jeans. I put a white tanktop on. Then over it i put a black hoodie on with a cross on it made out of bones hold by vines. I'm kind of obsessed with hoodies i mostly have over 10. Then I put my white converse. I went to my bathroom and started to wash my teeth.then I started to brush my hair. I let it flow on my shoulders. I got out of my room and went to the living room. I saw Demi do something on her phone.

'' Yo Demi! whatcha doin' on your phone?'' I said looking over her shoulder.

'' Nothing just on instagram stalking the boys'' She said like it was normal.

'' The usual.. So who's your fav out of the band? you haven't told me that.'' I asked her.

'' Like duhh.. Harry! He is so Cute! his curls-'' I cut her off.

'' Yeah, I don't want to hear all of that crap of 'He's so cute! lalala' yeah NO!'' I told her.

'' Well someones grumpy this morning.'' She said looking back at her phone.

'' Sorry, i didn't get a goodnight sleep'' I said making a bowl of cereal.

I got the milk and Apple jacks out and a bowl. i poured the cereal first then the milk. i put the food away then grabbed a spoon. i went to the couch and turned on the tv. I flipped through the channel until there was a interview with One Direction. I tried to change it but Demi kept yelling at me to change it back. I gave up and left it there. I started to listen and eat my cereal.

'' So who is the special girls that will be with you for a week that won the contest?'' said the interviewer.

'' Well Her name is Demi Ryan. And she is going to bring a friend but we don't know her yet. Both of them to be exact.'' Said Louis.

''Yeah.. but we look forward to meet them'' Said Harry with a grin.

'' Okay, thats all we have for today! see you next time boys!'' the interviewer said with a smile.

'' BYE!!'' they all said together.

i turned off the tv .then looked a Demi. She was already looking at me . She had the most biggest smile i have ever seen.I finished my cereal . Then looked at her. I had a fake smile on my face.


''YES! DIDNT YOU HEAR THEM!'' she copied with the same tone.

'' when does it start anyway?'' I said.

'' Like in 6 days. so we have time. '' She said.

''Okay'' I said.






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