i love you i hate you

22 year old hannah hates one direction but what will happen when one of the boys fall for her?


3. Im in love

louis pov last night harry and i went out to a club and i met this girl i wonder if she txted me i looked at my phone she did! It said meet me at the coffe shop i said shure see ya in a few .i got ready really fast the drove quickly to the coffe shop she was sitting there looking super hot so i walked over i was so nervous i think im in love!!!!!! Hannahs pov he walked over mumbling to himself with a red face he sat down and said hi love an KISSED ME i pulled back wtf r u doing he said kissing u i said i dont like u infact i hate u !! u barley no me hesaid then i said u barley no me so why did u kiss me i screamed he said i thought we were going out he said shyly why in the hell would u - o shit because of last night at the club damn!!!!!!!!!
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