Nobody Compares to him

Beka is just an ordinary girl from Seattle. Loyal boyfriend, normal parents, friends that care. That is just the outer shell for this helpless 16 almost 17 yr old. What really goes on with Beka? Is she two faced? Why are there so many questions? All theses questions can be answered in the fan fic of love, betrayal, and mystery.


2. The Meeting

Beka's P.O.V.

I  recieved a text message from chase reading " Meet me in the parking lot of Sal's liquor store." I replied " Chase i can't i have loads of homework". I had a mini heart attack because of the buzz coming from my back pocket. The text i recieved from Chase read " Listen to me bitch if you dont come i will drive to your house and kill you too. So, you can join your parents down in hell you little slut." I got my keys and purse and drove to Sal's. I pulled up to Chase , obviously drunk.  He asked me "Who is the guy you've been seeing lately" he snarled the smell of rustic alcohol filtering through his yellow teeth. "No one!" I stated "although we have to talk". "Save it Beka I know what your trying to do we aren't gonna break up till i say we break up" he muttered dizzley. Sobbing I ran away but not before he smashed his beer bottle in to my thigh causing a river of blood to inundate my left leg. I winced in pain slowly running away from the cite of the massacre. Chase started towards me drunkenly but swerved around realizing that i was worthless. I stopped at the nearest bench which happened to be a bus stop. It began to POUR rain like God dropped a ocean on the Seattle suburbs. I sat down on  the bus stop bench and slowly picked, plucked and pulled at the brown colored piece of glass stuck in my leg. When i hear a soft gentle voice with an irish accent ask " Are you ok. What happened to you?" I looked up only to find Niall Horan.   

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