Nobody Compares to him

Beka is just an ordinary girl from Seattle. Loyal boyfriend, normal parents, friends that care. That is just the outer shell for this helpless 16 almost 17 yr old. What really goes on with Beka? Is she two faced? Why are there so many questions? All theses questions can be answered in the fan fic of love, betrayal, and mystery.


3. My Savior and Saving

Niall's p.o.v.

Taking a walk to find a good restaurant in the rain no one will recognize me. i doubt the food will be as good as Nando's but it is still food. I stop in my tracks to look upon an injured lass crying her eyes out. i walk over and ask concerned "Are you OK. What happened to you?" She answers barely audible "No I'm not OK". I then realize that I don't know her name. So i ask "What is your name love?". She quickly replies as if to say i know this one this made me chuckle. "Beka, what is yours?" I knew she knew my name just was losing to much blood to quickly and couldn't think straight. "What happened I asked" I spoke as I watched her face lose consciousness. No one was around to help so I quick without thinking picked her up and ran. I ran very far almost to a whole  new city till I focused in on a hospital. Luckily she was light other wise i too probably would have fainted. Is it possible to have feeling for a girl you just met? Okay focus Niall I whispered in my head to myself. I ran up to the front desk clerk saying it was emergency she lead me to the emergency room. She is so peaceful when she is not conscious. Okay I even think I'm a creeper. The quick diagnostic said she is in a coma. This is so awkward I am making life or death decisions for a girl i barely know the name of.


Beka's P.O.V.

Although in a coma i can hear, sense, and feel everything around my stunned body. I can hear bits and pieces of what they are thinking in their subconscious. Especially Niall hehe.       

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