my 1Dreamboy

Rena Rutan is a small Irish girl that has just recently moved to London. She quickly finds out she is neighbors with the one and only One Direction! When a weird dream happens, its her job to find out who its about. Who is her dreamboy, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, or Liam??

*A/N* this is my first fanfic so sorry if it sucks!!


9. The Carnival

*The Next Day* I woke up to see Niall still in bed. I was going  to wake him up when I remembered what happened last night, and I decided not to. I got up and got dressed, then went downstairs to  make some tea. The house was like a ghost town, Quiet and empty. I then ran into someone.

"Sorry Harry!" I said, quickly picking myself up.

"It's alright beautiful." He said, smiling at me. I smiled back and said

"So, what gets you up this early??" 

"Well, I'm going to the fair!!!!!" He said excitedly, "Wanna come with me?" He asked with puppy-dog eyes. I laughed and said

"Who can say no to that??" And quickly walked over to my house to get dressed. I decided on a white tank top, a pink knitted sweater, white skinny jeans, and my black toms. I decided to go natural and not do my makeup. I brushed through my hair and left it down. I quickly slipped some money, my phone, and my keys into my purse and walked back to the Flat. Harry was standing by the car waiting. As soon as he saw me, he opened the car door for me. I thanked him and sat down. He closed my door and jogged around to the other side. He got in and started the car. We drove for about 20 minutes before we arrived.

"Wait here," He said, "I'll go buy the tickets." Then he walked over to the ticket booth. He came back with about 90 tickets.

"Harry!" I exclaimed, "That's enough to ride every single ride twice!" 

"Good!" He said, grabbing my wrist and dragging me to the farris wheel. After we rode all the rides (Except roller coasters) He handed me a stuffed animal from a game he one.

"Awwww!" I said, blushing, "That's so sweet Harry!" I gave him a big hug. He hugged me back tight. I felt so safe here. "I'm glad your my friend." I said, still wrapped in a tight hug. I suddenly felt my phone ringing. I let go of Harry to answer it. I recognized the number. Jake......

"Hello?" I asked, my voice shaking.

"The paparazzi got pics of you and that curly guy hugging. He's the first one one my kill list." The line went dead. I took a shaky breath and put my phone away. I turned to Harry, only to see him looking at me, with his green eyes full of concern. I looked up at him with sadness. He immediately understood. He took my arm and ed me back to the car. We both got in. He looked at me once again and asked,

"What did he say?" I looked at him and started to cry. He pulled my head into his chest and held me there. I stopped crying long enough to say,

"Harry, He said your first on his kill list." Before i broke down crying again. He held me tighter and said,

"Don't worry. He has to get through Paul and a bunch of Directioners before he even touches us." That made me feel better, but I still didn't stop crying. 

"Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful..." Harry started to sing. I stopped crying by the time he got to the end.  He leaned over and kissed my forehead and said,

"Your like a little sister to me. I wouldn't let anyone harm you, no matter what." I looked at him and said,

"I'm glad your my friend. Your the big brother I always wanted. You and the other Lads, your like my second family. I love you guys. All of you." He smiled at that.

"We love you too Rena." He said, before starting the car and driving away.

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