my 1Dreamboy

Rena Rutan is a small Irish girl that has just recently moved to London. She quickly finds out she is neighbors with the one and only One Direction! When a weird dream happens, its her job to find out who its about. Who is her dreamboy, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, or Liam??

*A/N* this is my first fanfic so sorry if it sucks!!


4. The Break up, The Makeup

*3 days later*

"Louis, You don't need to wear a tie to go to the park!!" I said, laughing at my friend.

"Yes i do!." He said, grinning at me

"I think the stripes, suspenders, and colored pants are enough!!" I said, laughing harder.

"Ok, ok." He said, taking off the tie. I grinned at him and we were about to head off to the park (btw, were going to the park because everyone else was sleeping and i needed to take a jog) when there was a knocking at my door. I opened it to see a crying Niall. 

"d-d-demi b-b-bbroke up-p with m-me" He said, sobbing harder. I pulled him into a hug and said

"Shhhhh. It's ok." I said. After a couple of minutes, he stopped crying.

"Niall, why don't you come in and sit on the couch while i get some tea?" I said.

"ok." Niall said, sitting on the couch. I went into the kitchen, and on my way I told Louis "Plans cancelled, Niall's here, and him and Demi are over." Louis looked at me in surprise and said

"Ok, i'm still going to the park and jog. Catch ya later Rena!" and he left. I made tea and sat down on the couch. I handed Niall his cup and I took a big drink of mine.

"Niall, why did you and Demi break up??" I asked.

"Well, I caught her kissing that Logan dude from Big Time Rush." He said taking a big breathe, "And I said me or him and she said 'Bye Niall'' He started to cry again. I set my tea down and pulled him into a hug. I mentally uncrossed  him from my list. 

"Niall, why don't we watch some movies to get your mind off her?' I said. He looked at me and his face lit up. I smiled at him, "How about i go make some popcorn? There's a movie rack over there. Why don't you pick out a movie?" I said, pointing to a wooden shelf and getting up to go to the kitchen.

"Rena wait." Niall said. I turned around to see what he wanted. 'Please don't say you have to leave.' I mentally pleaded. He stood up and walked over to me. He looked down straight into my eyes and said

"Your a really great friend." He said pulling me into a famous Horan Hug. I hugged back and we stayed like that for a few minutes, I didn't want to let go, and I had the feeling that he didn't want to either. Suddenly, my phone started to ring. I broke from the hug and answered it.

"Hello?" I said, not recognizing the number.

"You were in the magazine I just read. You better not be with that celebrity boy. I swear to god, i'll kill him. I'm not going to let you away from me that easily" A too familiar voice said. It sent shudders down my spine. The other line went dead. I turned to Niall and said "I'll go start that popcorn now." and walked into the kitchen. Jake. How did he get my number? I walked back into the living room and saw Niall had picked out my favorite movie, Insidious. 

"I hope you don't mind," Niall said, "but i absolutely adore horror movies."

"Are you kidding? I love horror movies too! This is my favorite movie!" I said smiling, and totally forgetting about Jake. We watched the movie and every time something scary would happen, i would bury my head in Niall's shoulder. By the end of the movie, I was in Niall's arms. His phone went off and i saw him go angry and reply furiously back. He turned off his phone and turned his attention back to the movie. He looked down and saw my worried expression.  He sighed and said,

'Demi wanted to get back together, but I said no" Niall said.

"Ok." I said. I felt my eyelids getting heavy, and before i realized it, i was fast asleep in Niall's arms. 

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