my 1Dreamboy

Rena Rutan is a small Irish girl that has just recently moved to London. She quickly finds out she is neighbors with the one and only One Direction! When a weird dream happens, its her job to find out who its about. Who is her dreamboy, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, or Liam??

*A/N* this is my first fanfic so sorry if it sucks!!


13. The awakening

I opened my eyes and saw Niall crying and hugging my body. I had a killer headache, and the sun wasn't helping. woah woah woah, wait. Niall? Sun? HE was supposed to be dead and I was supposed to be dead. 'It was a dream' I though to myself. I started to cry at the sight. He was alive. He was alive.

"Niall?" I asked in a weak voice.

"Rena!!!!" He yelled and pulled me into a hug. "I thought i had lost you! You hit the pavement pretty hard. You've been unconscious for 20 minutes!!!!"

"Wait, Jake punched you and you fell and he got tazered and you told me that you weren't going to make it and you died but then i killed myself with the knife Jake had cause i couldn't live knowing that i let my best friend Die." I said. Niall looked at me shocked. It looked as though he was thinking cause he shook his head out of his thoughts and said

"No, he punched you and you were knocked out cold, but then the police came and arrested Jake again. Then the ambullance arrived and said they couldn't revive you, and they said sorry and left. Im so happy your alive!!!" He hugged me even Harder.

"Ok Niall, as much as I love you, i have a killer headache and your hug, as nice as it is, really isn't helping."

"Sorry!" He said, then he picked me up and carried me to the car. He set me down and kissed my forehead. I yawned.

"Where we going Niall?" I asked.

"The doctors." He replied, starting the car. We drove for a bit.

"I'm going too sleep Niall."

"Ok Rena. Goodnight."


"I now your trying to sleep, but back there you said you loved me. What did that mean??" He asked. I didn't want to tell him the truth, so i pretended to sleep. He sighed, leaned over and kissed my forehead, then said

"I love you to Rena Luna Rutan. Forever and Always. I'm sorry i didn't keep my promise to not let you get hurt. Please forgive me." And I finally fell asleep, while Niall drove us to the hospital.


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