my 1Dreamboy

Rena Rutan is a small Irish girl that has just recently moved to London. She quickly finds out she is neighbors with the one and only One Direction! When a weird dream happens, its her job to find out who its about. Who is her dreamboy, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, or Liam??

*A/N* this is my first fanfic so sorry if it sucks!!


15. Going home

I had a concussion, 4 stitches in my face, a sprained ankle, bruised ribs, and i had trauma from the attack. Maria and Zayn helped me home. Wel actually, everyone was staying at the boys' flat to look after me, cause i wasnt supposed to be left alone. They helped me onto the couch and the others came in. they all looked at each other and Nicole reached into her bag and pulled out a small silver wrapped box. I looked at them in suprise.

"You didn't have to get me anything!!" i said, with wide eyes. Niall walked over with red puffy eyes and said

"For you to get better." I looked at him, then at the box, and opened it. Inside was a little wooden box on the front was a painting of a big heart that had each of my friends names in it. i opened it and there was a little ballerina that spun the message was a recording of 1D singing little things and at the end, the lads and my girls all said "Get better Rena!!! We love you!"  I smiled at my friends "I love you all too" and i started to have tears of happiness fall down. they all came and hugged me gentley, then left the room. a few minutes later, Louis appeared with a bag. he set it in front of me, pulled out a jug of Arizona tea, Jar of nutella, cookies, my laptop and charger, my phone and charger, and the TV remote. And he brought me some Nando's!! I smiled at him. 

"Louis!! You know me so well!!" I laughed. He laughed too. We talked for a while and laughed until my sides hurt. We ate our food and Louis cleaned up the trash. He leaned over and kissed my forehead. 

"Get some sleep Rena. Get well soon." Louis said. I was shocked that he didn't say something sarcastic. Like he genuinely wanted me to get better. he saw my facial expression, then added "So we can go back to jogging" We laughed and he left the room I had laid down and was trying to sleep, but something was bugging me i pulled out my phone and decided to scroll through twitter. My notifications were blown up!! tweet after tweet of random people i didnt know saying "@RenaRutan Get better soon!!" i smiled and thought about the fact that directioners cared about me. I was thinking and daydreaming when i suddenly realized what was bugging me. i quickly texted Niall and told him to come talk to me. He agreed and i waited a few minutes before i heard his door open. I was greeted by a very puffy, red eyed Niall.

"It's my fault Rena." he said, starting to cry again. That's when i noticed them.

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