Jai was an ordinary boy with a not so ordinary father. Jai's dad is a spy and when he goes missing Jai is the only person who will be able to find him. When Jai faces hurdles and stares death in the face will he succeed in his first mission...? (young movellist of the year entry)


1. The Room

I ran and i kept running each step more agonizing than the last. The footsteps behind me seemed to be getting louder it was catching up. Why did i let it out in fact how did i let it out. the edge of the cliff was getting closer i was nearing the last few steps of my life... i trip and start tumbling faster towards the edge and as i fall of the edge hurtling towards certain death i close my eyes for the final time...

"Wha.. wha" I can barley see as I open my eyes everything around me seems fuzzy "What..where am I?" I hear no reply and my eyes still haven't adjusted "HELLO?!" I shout "Is there anyone around" im dazed and confused when my eyes finally adjust, I look around. All I know is im in a large room surrounded by beeping machines and colored blocks and pencils and a few pads of paper.  I hear a slight buzzing and I turn my head towards the noise when I notice that there is a speaker attached to the wall to the right of me I stare at it bemused.  "H..ELL..OO" a voice from beyond the speaker it sounds familiar "H.ELLO CAN AN..YON..E H..EAR ME" the owner of the voice sounds lost and scared. It sounds like a man although I can't be sure. I stand a pivoit looking for something to communicate with the voice "HE..LLO" it says once again "HE.LLO IF YOUR OUT THERE PLE..ASE.. REPL..Y" the owner of the voice seems to be becoming more scared I carry on looking around the room for something to communicate with when I realize that in the far corner of the room is a wall phone I pick it up and being talking "Hello, if you can hear me say hi, im..wait...who am i , im going to help, HELLO" there is no reply "If anyone can hear me say hi, im going to help" "Hi im Charlie. I can hear you" the voice behind the speaker says. "Hello Charlie where are you?"

 "I don't know" says Charlie, "Im in a big room with colored bricks and pencils and a few pads of paper"

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