Jai was an ordinary boy with a not so ordinary father. Jai's dad is a spy and when he goes missing Jai is the only person who will be able to find him. When Jai faces hurdles and stares death in the face will he succeed in his first mission...? (young movellist of the year entry)


3. The hunt

Again I have woken up in a strange room, but this one is different this room is blue and had sea life painted on all the walls, I don't understand what's happening why does my scenery keep changing, I still have no clue where I am or who I am. The name in my flashback was Jai is that my name or is it the name of someone of a television show or the person who brought me here. 

I want to know what's going on, my eyes wander around the room looking for a way out, on the far wall I notice a handle, maybe there's a door over there. I try to stand but as I do I feel dizzy and start to stumble, I keep trying though, pulling myself towards the handle on the wall, I make it and I grab hold of the handle still feeling lightheaded. The room starts spinning as I pull the door open I am determined not to fall again, not to lose consciousness. 

When the door swings open I look around just a dimly lit corridor with many doors coming off. I start to run through the corridor but it seems to go on forever I see a light, an exit sign i run faster im nearly then but suddenly its gone, everything's gone black I feel dizzy again, I smell gas...

"Jai, can you hear me it's your father" 

"Dad? yes I can hear you, where are you? where am I?" 

"Im in a secret base, they caught me, the found out im a spy"

"Dad? will we be okay? Im here to rescue you"  "DAD! DAD!" 


Im in the blue room again why does this keep happening to me? I have decided my name must be Jai but I don't understand why I am looking for my father. I need to get out of here I need to find him I don't know why but it must be important, that must be why im being kept here. I look around to find the door...but it's gone.

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