Jai was an ordinary boy with a not so ordinary father. Jai's dad is a spy and when he goes missing Jai is the only person who will be able to find him. When Jai faces hurdles and stares death in the face will he succeed in his first mission...? (young movellist of the year entry)


2. Charlie

"Charlie is there anyway out of the room?"

"No." replied Charlie "I can't see any way out, help please im scared" I look around for any sign of a way out, im lost and confused I don't know who I am, where im from or where i am. Im trying to work this out when suddenly the room fills with gas, I start to feel sleepy and i slowly start falling. 

"Jai! hello can you hear me?" 

"Hello yes I can loud and clear" 

"Afternoon Jai. I am Agent Blu and I have some upsetting news for you."

"What is it Agent?"

"Your father Jai, Agent Brooks has gone missing in action and you are the only person who has the ability to find him"

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