Why School

Lydia is a princess who is soon to be married :) Liam is a peasant who wants to marry the princess:) This movella will explain why we have school. pleeze read and coment I wan ur opinion. Please note this is a project for school and I need other peoples opinions


7. The Inerview

        Lydia was getting tired; suitor after suitor had walked through that door acting like they owned the world, then looking at her with confused looks when she gave the first and simplest question on her list. Then Liam came in, bowing low he said, “My princess, I beg of you to give me the first question so tha I may attempt to take your hand in marriage.”

Lydia then said, “Here is your first question. Why is the sky blue?”

 “Oh, that is an easy one. The sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they do with red light.” replied Liam.

“Wow, my next question is, where do rocks come from?” Lydia asked.

“Well sedimentary rocks are formed when bits of broken rock form layers on top of each other and over a very long period of time a rock is formed. A metamorphic rock is formed under immense heat or pressure, and igneous rocks are formed when magma or lava from a volcano cools down.” Liam said.

“Correct, now since you are the last person to tryout, if you get the next question right then you will win. Now could you please tell me why we have to open and close our eyelids?” questioned Lydia.

“We do this to clean away he dust particles that gather in our eyes,” said Liam quickly.

“Your right again, now let me call mother to tell her that we have a winner then we will get betrothed.

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