Why School

Lydia is a princess who is soon to be married :) Liam is a peasant who wants to marry the princess:) This movella will explain why we have school. pleeze read and coment I wan ur opinion. Please note this is a project for school and I need other peoples opinions


5. Pixie

        What a sight! Liam was rushing between bushes, dodging trees, jumping brooks and avoiding soldiers just to get Lydia’s hand in marriage. Finally six hours later Liam snuck pas the sleeping guards and into the enemy kingdom of Stripes, for there are no woods in Pattern. Coming upon a sleeping pixie, knowing that his life would soon change, Liam grabbed the pixie with all his strength. “Let me go!” squealed the pixie

“I will only let you go if you grant my wish,” replied Liam bravely.

“Never.” shouted the pixie. Then as Liam started to tighten his grip, the pixie said “What is your wish?”

Liam responded, “I would like you to give me all the knowledge in the world.”

“I will do as you say as long as you promise to teach your knowledge to everyone.” said pixie.

“Yes ma’am.” said Liam sarcastically.

Then the pixie started to chant, “Knowledge, knowledge throughout the world, gather here in one single word.” Suddenly pixie heard the word blue in his ear, then raising his hand over Liam’s head pixie shouted, “Blue come down upon you!” With a sudden rush Liam knew why everything was there and he ran back to Pattern and the castle.

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