Why School

Lydia is a princess who is soon to be married :) Liam is a peasant who wants to marry the princess:) This movella will explain why we have school. pleeze read and coment I wan ur opinion. Please note this is a project for school and I need other peoples opinions


4. Flashback


Liam had his pail in the water when he heard the wise women of Pattern talking, one was saying "Well my husband was walking in the woods yesterday when he saw a pixie upon the ground, he quickly grabbed the pixie up and got a wish, now as long as he gives one third of his meat away then we will have enough meat to eat constantly!"

"Wow and all the pixies grant wishes right" said another women

"Yes but there is usually a catch and if you don't keep the catch then whatever you gained will be taken away from you."

*End flashback*

Liam quickly went to collect his money from Lord Paddington and rushed home to gather his meager belongings. Then he headed for the border of Pattern.



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