Why School

Lydia is a princess who is soon to be married :) Liam is a peasant who wants to marry the princess:) This movella will explain why we have school. pleeze read and coment I wan ur opinion. Please note this is a project for school and I need other peoples opinions


1. Choose!!!

        Long ago, in the kingdom of Pattern live a princess named Lydia. Now Lydia have long golden hair that curled slightly at the bottom and shocking blue eyes, along with her dainty feet and her gentle smile, Lydia made a perfect princess. One day, Lydia’s parents, the King and Queen, decided that Lydia should be married. In order to choose Lydia’s husband they asked Lydia to pick a subject for the contest to decide on an eligible suitor to have Lydia’s hand in marriage. The Queen approached Lydia saying “Darling, Papa and I have decided that you ought to be married.”

“But Mother, I am only 14, why should I be married?” exclaimed Lydia

“Well Lydia you will be betrothed, then when you are 18 we will have a royal wedding. Now choose a contest” said her mother sternly.

“Fine Mother” said Lydia, and she tried to think of a contest the no man would be able to win. AHA! No one would be able to tell me the answers to the questions that ponder through my mind. ”Mother I have decide that the contest should be this. I will ask the suitor’s five questions and the suitor that gets the most questions will gain my approval for my hand in marriage” said Lydia proudly.

“What a wonderful idea, I will send the royal messenger out now to spread the word” declared the Queen.

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