Why School

Lydia is a princess who is soon to be married :) Liam is a peasant who wants to marry the princess:) This movella will explain why we have school. pleeze read and coment I wan ur opinion. Please note this is a project for school and I need other peoples opinions


8. And they all lived happily ever after

The next day in Liam’s home town there was a massive party to celebrate the betrothal of Princess Lydia and Liam, then four years later the couple got married on the front lawn of the castle grounds where everyone was invited. Liam got a disused building from his village and family for his wedding present, as well as many other things. Using this building he turned it into a school where he taught people of all ages, and class. Then a few of his students went on to found their own school and students still go on to be teachers today.



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