My Lovestory

(WARNING!: Cussing, and inappropriate scenes) Sarah meets a guy at a party, his name is Harry. They were both drunk, so they went home together. They fall deeply in love. What will happen next?


1. Chapter 1:Party

Harry's P.O.V.


I was walking around and spotted a girl. She was sexy. I tried to get to her, but found it hard because all the people.

"Move you asshole!" i screamed at a drunk guy. I finally reached my destination. I tapped her shoulder and she turnd to face me.

"Hey. I'm Sarah," she said rubbing against my body.

"I'm Harry. That dress looks awfully sexy on you," i smirked. She pulled my shirt to another room. We were alone. She grabbed my collar and pulled me closer. She kissed me. Our tongues dancing, our lips movin gin sync. I kissed down her neck, and gently sucked. I heard her moan with pleasure. I released her and she started to unbutton my shirt. i grabbed her and pulled her to a closet where it would be more private. I started to unzip the zipper to her dress and pulled the dress down, leaving her in underwear. I rubbed over her breasts and rubbed her whole body. I pulled her underwear down her legs. I smirked as i rubbed my hand over her sex. She took of my jeans and boxers. leaving us both bare. She got onher knees and sucked my dick. She had it in her hands shaking it. Hoping for something nice. We were both drunk, what do you expect? SHe stood up and i did the unthinkable. I slowly entered her, i went slow, and started to speed up. She moaned and groaned. I heard her make little gasps. I slowly came out of her and we laid on the floor. She got on top of me and went up and down. SHe rubbed her breasts and got off of me. We both started to kiss, we kissed and kissed. After about three hours, we put our clothes back on and left the closet. It was about three in the morning and people were still here. She headed towards the kitchen, and got something to drink. i came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her.

"I want you," i whispered in her ear. She laughed a little.


"You look fuckin sexy with that dress on, but you looked even more sexy with it off,"

"You too," she laughed a little more. She turned around, and we started kissing. She had her fingers running through my hair and i had my hands on her bum.


"Where are we going?"

"To my place,"

"Okay," She walked towards the door. As we walked towards my car, i slapped her bum making her giggle. I drove to my place and we both walked inside. I closed the door and grabbed her. I had my hands on her hips, and she was against the wall. We were making out. When we got off the wall i slapped then squeezed her bum. She bit my bottom lip, and then i bit hers. We released and laid on the couch together. We both crashed instantly. 

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