Dark Moments

Night is anything but a normal girl. She fears herself and what will happen if anyone finds out. Damin, a man who's constantly showing up, threatens to reveal her real form. Frightened as she is Night agrees to a horrible plan. (This is my first story so cut me some slack if it's bad)


2. The Park

It'd been a few hours after seeing the pointed toothed man. I had been shocked but gotten over it. I sat on my leather couch in my small apartment. It wasn't much but it's what I could afford. Orange sunlight shone through my window, exposing the small particles of dust floating around. The sun was going down and soon the beautiful night would fall. I flipped the page in my sketchbook. An open mouthed wolf face greeted me. Lips drawn back and teeth bared. I was skilled at art. I'd been going through my sketchbook for this picture. I stared at the teeth then took out my iPhone. I searched up a picture of wolf teeth and glanced back at my own drawing. Not to shabby. I thought of the man and looked again. Yup, he's teeth looked exactly like wolves. Was he a...werewolf? 'No. That's crazy.' I thought. I got up and walked to my kitchen. It was the size of maybe half a car with a fridge and the other basics. I fixed myself a bowl of Campbell's soup and ate it. I looked out my window, the sun was only a glowing orange sliver. I threw on my jacket and walked out the door, locking it before getting in the elevator. I was on floor 3 but I chose to ride the elevator cuz I'm lazy that way. I walked off the elevator and out the apartment building. I unchained my bike from the bike ramp and started riding to the park. I took it slower than normal because -who knows?- That wolf man might still be there. I wouldn't like to run into him. Mainly because I might go raging and turn into...again, I'd rather not mention. As the trees and chain link fence came into view I slowed and glanced around. No one. I stopped and hid my bike behind a bush by the entrance. I hopped the fence and stood back up, dusting off. Night was the one time I had trouble with. Out here I could easily become what I feared. But I found it was often quiet here. I walked to the pond surrounded by cat tails and frogs. Geese and ducks slept in the pond or around it. A took a step and heard a disturbing squish. Dog shit, wonderful. I sat on a bench with a sigh and pulled a napkin from my pocket, wiping the smelly goo from my shoe. "Well that's not pleasant, is it. People should really pick up their dogs crap. Not like they don't have opposable thumbs." A deep voice rumbled. I jumped and turned, looking at who it was. It was a tall man with black hair, black skin, and hazel eyes. He smiled. The wolf man. "Wh-what do ya want?" I stammered slightly. He grinned wider. "I'm not here to hurt you buy I will of I must." I narrowed my eyes. "You see, Night, I know your secret. How you become a murdering beast when angered. And I like that, I need that." I swallowed and asked, "How do you know and what do you need it for."  I stepped back, ready to run. "A mission. There's someone you must kill and ill need your true form to do it." The man smiled and stepped toward me. "F-fine. Just tell me what I gotta do." I didn't want to kill anybody but I didn't want my secret spilled. "You need to kill a girls father. Kelly Prenston." He stared. "Look I don't like that bitch but I don't think killing her father-" "Ill tell the whole town your secret if you dont." He growled baring his teeth.  I swallowed. "Fine." I murmured. "Good. Ill see you here same time tomorrow." He winked and walked away leaving me to fall to the ground. No longer was I worried about the poo, it was the fact someone know I was a monster. 

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