Dark Moments

Night is anything but a normal girl. She fears herself and what will happen if anyone finds out. Damin, a man who's constantly showing up, threatens to reveal her real form. Frightened as she is Night agrees to a horrible plan. (This is my first story so cut me some slack if it's bad)


9. The Pack

It was two days into our stay at the cabin. Kelly and Alyssa, her mother, didnt trust me but James did. He still wouldn't tell us more about Damin. I figured either he's afraid of what will happen of he tells us or he doesn't want us to know what he did. The two year old brother, Tyler, and the right year old sister, Katy, thought it was one big adventure. Me, Gabrielle, and Jaed were walking down a trail behind the cabin when I asked, "So Jaed, why did it take so long to catch the Prenstons?" She turned her chocolate eyes toward me and said, "Well, turns out that they had a few of Kelly's friends over." "So you had to mind wipe them too?" "Yea..." She trailed off and looked away. I looked at Gabrielle and she shrugged. "What else happened jaed?" "Um...Josh was over there, turns out he wasn't mind wiped at the party. And he ran out before we could mind wipe him there." Jaed looked down, finding the dirt interesting. "JOSH?! Jeez we gotta go get him!! Damin will try to kill him!" I yelled. Gabrielle stepped back from us and said, "Um, I'll leave you two to figure this out." "We can't go back! I don't care how much you like that guy!" Jaed snapped. "I don't like him!" I growled. "Then why do you want to protect him so much?!" She yelled. I stopped then hissed, "Because unlike you, I don't like seeing people hurt. Espdcially I it's my fault!" My voice was raised. "I don't like seeing people hurt all the time!!" Jaed rose her voice too." "Jaed, I'm a monster!! Half the time people die in my town it's because of me! You don't care if you kill someone! YOU'RE A DEMON!" My anger was flaring and I suddenly clutched my head as the veins in my hands and neck bulged. I took deep breaths then turned and ran back up the trail. My heart was pounding. I flew past the cabin and jumped in the van. Ed had left his keys in it. I started the car and quickly drive down through the trail leading to the cabin. "NIGHT! NIGHT!" I heard jaed screaming. I gritted my teeth and kept going. Hours after leaving I had settled down and was just outside of town. I drove in and found my way to Josh's house. I parked and walked up to his door. Taking a breath I knocked on the door. It opened and standing there was josh. His eyes widened and he said, "Night! You wouldn't believe what happened at-" "I know. Josh you need to come with me." I interrupted. "Why?" "Your life is in danger." I said. He stared. I grabbed his arm and dragged him into the van. I started it up and he asked, "Are you serious? This is the van those demons or whatever-" "Yeah yeah. How do you know they're demons?" "I could tell. I've seen them before ya know." He shrugged. I didn't bother asking. It was dark by the time we reached the cabin. As we got out I noticed the shadows moving in the cabin. I opened the door and stepped in. They looked at me and josh. Then, jaed tackled me. She hugged me close and said, "Im sorry! I'm so sorry!" "It's ok I'm fine." I said. "Me and Josh luckily didnt run into any trouble-" "JOSH!" Kelly yelled. She rushed over and hugged him. He stood there with a confused look then slowly pried her off. Suddenly I heard a slam. I looked out the window. About seven guys stood out there. I spotted a body pass through the crowd and I gasped. "Ja-Jaed, damins here!" "Open up Night, I have a surprise for you." Damin called. 

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