Dark Moments

Night is anything but a normal girl. She fears herself and what will happen if anyone finds out. Damin, a man who's constantly showing up, threatens to reveal her real form. Frightened as she is Night agrees to a horrible plan. (This is my first story so cut me some slack if it's bad)


16. Preparations

Nights POV

The moment Jaed said she had found the camp a wave of emotions crashed through me. Excitement, happiness, anger. And I was worried. I was so happy she had found the camp and that I could finally rip out Damins throat for what he had forced me to turn into. But what if something went wrong? And what if I became a chalkurite again but this time couldn't stop and hurt one of my friends? As jaed explained how she had tortured her way to the answer, I burries myself in my mind, thinking of what might happen if we confronted Damin and his pack. "So Night, what're we gonna do now?" Gabrielle leaned over me. They all turned their anxious eyes toward me. I shifted uncomfortably. "Uh...um..." I wasn't used to leading a group. I stayed by myself but it seemed now I was the leader. "Come on Night, we all know you wanna get revenge on Damin and there's nothing that I do better than revenge." Jaed grinned. "Well, maybe torturing but..." "Fine, fine. We'll head out tomorrow. Today we'll rest and prepare." I stood. They all beamed at me and rushed to get ready. I stood alone and sighed. I rubbed my head. Ever since I had changed a horrible headache had nagged at me. "You ok?" Kayla appeared by me. Her eyes were brown and worried. "Im fine, just a little stressed." I lied. I entered my room with Gabrielle stuffing knives and clothes and other things in a backpack. "Don't take to much." I warned. She smiled at me, stuffing a hairbrush in, "no worries. Just taking things I might need." "A hairbrush?" "I could whack a guy on the head." We laughed and I started packing my own backpack. I put knives, pepper spray, brass knuckles, marbles, canned fruits, clothes, and two pocket knives. I walked downstairs where bart, Ed, and Lilith were waiting. "What'd you pack?" Lilith asked. "Stuff I'd need." I shrugged. "Bart packed condoms, I'm sure." Ed grinned. Bart tried to look innocent and hide his bag behind him. "I would never!" He said we laughed as Lilith rummaged through his bag and came up with only boxers, which she promptly threw at me. I waved my arms around as it came at me and said, "It's attacking me! It's attacking!!" Bart picked them up and put them back. Lilith searched through my bag next and frowned as she pulled out everything. "Really? Weapons and canned fruits?" She asked. I shrugged then remembered. I ran out to the shed and pulled out the weedwhacker. "Who knows? I might have to whack some weeds." I grinned as they stared at me. Jaed and Kayla laughed down the stairs with Gabrielle behind them. "Maybe..." I started slowly. "It's best if we start slow." "What?" Kayla asked. "We start our travel slow when we search for the camp. We have to be ready and slow is the easiest way." I explained. "Ok, but when we get close we'll get to pummel them really quickly right?" Jaed grinned widely. "Yes jaed." I chuckled. 

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