Dark Moments

Night is anything but a normal girl. She fears herself and what will happen if anyone finds out. Damin, a man who's constantly showing up, threatens to reveal her real form. Frightened as she is Night agrees to a horrible plan. (This is my first story so cut me some slack if it's bad)


6. Nights Breaking

Note: Jaed is an actual person but is by no means a demon (well she wants to be ;) ) she is hilarious btw and I'm trying to make the demon jaed act as much as possible like her so...hope I did it lol

"I'd run now you crazy biatch." Jaed whispered in my ear as I stared. I looked behind. A large crowd stood before me. I looked at Jaed with wide eyes. "Oh...um...Over there!" She said pointing. She slapped my arm and pushed me. I stumbled and looked back at her. The fence she pointed at was 5 yards away. If I got enough speed I might just be able to grab the top and haul myself over. "Go go!" She nodded. I took a deep breath and slipped behind the few people here. I looked over at Kelly and her dad and Damin. I charged forward pushing people out of my way. My feet hit the concrete then the grass. I heard a growl and someone's feet hitting the concrete. The fence was 2 yards away. I could do this. I looked down. My feet were just blurs as I pumped my arms faster. "Not so fast!" I heard Damin yell. Suddenly a strong hand gripped my arm and yanked me back. I stumbled and just barely got balanced. Now my arm was sore from being yanked so hard. Damin glared at me and dragged me toward Mr. Prenston. "Here's the source of your daughters problems sir." Damin smiled sweetly and threw me at him. I stood face to face with the salt and pepper haired man with green eyes covered by circular glasses. He stared at me. "My friend Damin tells me you've been causing Kelly trouble." I gulped. I felt a nudge in my back and looked at Damin. He lifted his lip to reveal the sharp canine. I turned back to Mr. Kelly. He was such a nice looking man. I looked at Kelly. She had two younger siblings. A two year old brother and an eight year old sister. If I killed him they'd be broken. I couldn't. I couldn't kill him. "Sorry Damin." I whispered looking at Mr. Prenston. "What?" Damin sounded confused and shocked. "I'm not doing it." I said louder with a determined voice. I turned my fist flying out. It hit his jaw and sent Damin flying back. He hit the ground with a thud. He slowly got up, a hate fire burning in his eyes. Growling he lunged." He caught my shoulders and hefted me up. "Do it!" He yelled. "NO!" I spit in his eye and ran and as he dropped me. He wiped his eye then chased me. With amazing strength he leaped and tackled me. Running on concrete probably wasn't a great idea. My head struck the ground with a sickening thud. I say up feeling woozy and felt my head. A deep gash was on my forehead with blood oozing from it. I turned to look at Damin and was met with his foot in my face. A yelled as I plunged into the pool and he dove in on me. He wrapped his hands around my neck as blood floated through, darkening the water. There was a splash and we looked. Jaed had jumped in. Her eyes turned blood red and somehow her hair burst into neon purple flames. She kicked his face and pushed me away from him. I swam up and out of the pool coughing. There was a gasp from the crowd as Damin flew out of the pool and landed face first. Jaed came up beside me and said, "Get out of here. Or I'll rip off your head." Damin growled and ran to the fence he hopped over and turned to look at me. "This isn't over Night." Then blackness swallowed me.

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