Dark Moments

Night is anything but a normal girl. She fears herself and what will happen if anyone finds out. Damin, a man who's constantly showing up, threatens to reveal her real form. Frightened as she is Night agrees to a horrible plan. (This is my first story so cut me some slack if it's bad)


10. Monsters Unleashed

I growled. "What do we do?" Lilith whispered. "What's going on?" Alyssa asked. "Ed get the Prenstons and josh somewhere safe!" I said. Ed nodded and led them away. "Jaed, Gabrielle, and Lilith, are you ready?" I said putting my hand on the knob. They swallowed and nodded. I opened the door and stepped out with them. "Hey bozo, I thought I took care of you at the party." Jaed snarled at Damin. "You haven't seen my true power yet hell girl." Damin hissed. Jaed growled and her hair went into black flames her eyes turned red. She and Lilith grew large bat wings. Their teeth and nails grew long and sharp. Jaed grew small black horns on her head that matches the raven colored wings. Lilith grew red horns from her forehead that were ruby like her wings. Yelling they rushed forward, and four men raced at them. Two took Lilith and two took jaed. One ran at Gabrielle. Her large wings flung out and her eyes glowed white. She flew at him and tackled him. Two more stood with Damin. I heard a flutter and looked. Ed flew down and tackled the two other men. Damin snarled. "Do you need these supernatural beings to protect you? Really?" "No!" I yelled. I ran at him. He growled and swung his arm at me. I ducked and kicked his legs out. He fell but quickly regained balance again. He grabbed my arm and threw me. I landed and looked around. The men had turned into 6' tall werewolves. Their claws and teeth tore at Jaed, Lilith, Ed, and Gabrielle. "You think you can beat me Night?" Damin laughed and started changing. In moments he was an 8' tall, brown furred werewolf thing. To black horns protruded from his skull above his six red eyes. A large pair of black feathered wings grew from his back and long claws stretched out. He howled and ran at me. I turned and felt his claw tear through my side. I screamed and fell back. "NIGHT!" Jaed cried trying to get to me. A wolf leaped on her. Gabrielle threw a glowing white ball of light at another and it struck him, sending him flying back. Damin grabbed my arm and held me up, dangling my feet above the ground. His grip hurt so I bit him. He yelped and dropped me. A stood and ran. "What? Aren't you going to go monster on me? It makes things so much easier!" He yelled after me. "No it doesn't!" I screamed. "Yes! It makes things like killing my sister easier!" He bellowed. "It. Was. An. ACCIDENT!" I let out a blood curdling scream. I turned, my veins bulging black. My arm grew and suddenly red haze filled my gaze. In moments I was a 9' talk monster. My scaly skin was dark gray and my mouth was so long it stretched to the back of my face. Two rows of sharp teeth filled my mouth. I stood on shirt back legs but my arms hung a little past my waist. Ain't of short black hair ran down my neck. My eyes were pitch black. I roared and charged forward. A gray wolf man jumped on me so I tore him off and ripped him in half. His blood splattered against me as a bit the head off another. I charged at Damin. His eyes widened as I dug my claws into him. He screamed and bit my neck. He threw me off and flew away. I stared. The wolves fled as I roared and stepped in pools of blood. "No way..." Ed gasped. A grunted at them. "She's a...a chalkurite." Lilith whimpered. 

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