Dark Moments

Night is anything but a normal girl. She fears herself and what will happen if anyone finds out. Damin, a man who's constantly showing up, threatens to reveal her real form. Frightened as she is Night agrees to a horrible plan. (This is my first story so cut me some slack if it's bad)


13. Mixed Emotions

I walked through the cabin. My room was on the top floor with Kelly, Lilith, and the Prenstons. I shared a room with Gabrielle. Jaed and Ed slept downstairs and Josh's room was down there too. My hair was a little damp still from swimming. I was restless at 12am. I stared out a window at the end of the hall. I spotted a deer. The forest was dark and stretched miles and miles. I heard a howl that was soon followed by several more. I took a deep breath. I walked down the stairs in pink short pj shorts and a yellow tank top. I opened the fridge and squinted against the light. As I reached for the milk, I heard a thud in Jaeds room. I stood and shut the door. I slowly crept toward her room. Suddenly I heard another howl from outside, louder now. Probably only a mile away and I was getting worried. "Jaed." I knocked and her door and peeked in. Ed lay on her blankets tangled around them. My eyes widened as they kissed. I squeezed my eyes and backed away. The image of their naked bodies flashed in my mind. "Oh boy..." I looked up. I rubbed my eyes and got that glass of milk. I swigged it down and walked back to my room. I layed there and Gabrielle mumbled, "We're they at it again?" "Uh, yeah." I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I pulled on short cut off jean shorts and a black tshirt when I woke up. I walked downstairs. Josh, Jaed, Kelly, and Lilith were awake. I stared at jaed. "What?" She mumbled through cereal. "Um, nothing." I took a seat. I was blushing deeply. Josh smiled at me. "So, um, josh, do ya wanna take a walk later?" She twirled a strand of hair and bit her bottom lip. I sat back and rolled my eyes. "Um...no problem Kelly." Josh looked at me. I stood up yawning. I stretched making baby dinosaur noises. "Hey guys." Gabrielle yawned and walked in. Her hair was in a messy bun. After everyone ate, Kelly and josh put on their shoes and walked out. "Hey Night, don't you think you should-" I cut Lilith off, "Already done." I put in sneakers and followed them. I ran after them. I hid watching them. Kelly kept grabbing his hands. "So josh, are you and night a thing?" Kelly leaned against him. I growled. "Um, me and Night?" Josh looked at her. "No, no." I stared. What? I thought he'd tried to kiss me at the party. Didnt he like me? "Oh good." Kelly smiled and turned to him. He leans forward and they kisses. His hand slid down onto her butt as I turned and raced away. I ran into the cabin and Lilith asked, "what's wrong Night?" "Josh and Kelly, they-" "Those bastards!" Lilith stood knowing what they'd done. Minutes later josh and Kelly walked in smiling. I felt anger swirl in my stomach. Lilith yelled and tackled josh. Kelly gasped. "Whoa!" Ed came in. I blushes but watched as Lilith punched his face and then kicked him. He tried to throw her off but instead ended up getting kneed in the groin. "Ow!" Josh rolled and clutched himself as Lilith stood up panting. His nose was bleeding and his eye was turning black and blue. "You!" Lilith pointed at Kelly. "You're a slut!! You're lucky I don't kick your bitchy face right now!" I stared at josh. He looked at me and said, "why-why did she-" "Cuz, you let Kelly play you." I stood. "Obviously you don't care about me." My eyes narrowed. "Why I bothered bringing you to safety I don't know."

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