Dark Moments

Night is anything but a normal girl. She fears herself and what will happen if anyone finds out. Damin, a man who's constantly showing up, threatens to reveal her real form. Frightened as she is Night agrees to a horrible plan. (This is my first story so cut me some slack if it's bad)


15. Hells Fire.

Jaedyn's POV. 

Viewer discretion is advised.(AKA this may be graphic to some people.)

My form changed once I stepped into Hell. My clothes turned into a black lace leotard with the blood red undergarments peeking through the lace. My pumps were replaced with black knee high boots. My wings spread wide. Larger than all of theirs. I walked down the charred black stone walkway, surrounded by people being boiled in blood, lava and, many other liquids. The smell of burning flesh and the screams calmed my nerves. I was suddenly tackled by somebody. I looked to see Alisa hugging me. Her blonde hair streaked with red. Her mysterious cream eyes dancing in the light of the fires. "JA'KEEVIA!!! Where have you been?!" Alisa shouted my demon name so loud other demons stopped and looked at me. "I've been in the human world." I said after that she made a sour face,"With that angel..." I rolled my gold eyes and walked on her trailing behind. "You need to leave him Ja'keevia. You already have your mate." She said and suddenly I was filled with rage. I spun around and slapped her. My canine teeth extending into fangs as I bared my teeth at her. "You will leave me alone Alcave. That's an order." I snarled and she backed away. I have rarely ever given orders to anybody. Being the "mate" of Lucifer allowed me to do that. I was even stronger than Lucifer. I continued walking then I saw Lucifer. His tall slender frame extenuated his pale skin. His brown hair tousled and he was cleanly shaven. His brown/hazel eyes found me as he slowly walked forward he pressed me against the wall. "Hello Ja'keevia." He breathed. Sweet honey and liquor. He pressed his lips to my jaw, then slowly down my neck. I pushed past him. "No.", I murmured and then spoke louder,"NO!" He tilted his head in shock, maybe amused too. "You've been with that angel.... Haven't you?"He said. A shocked look spread on my face and he laughed. He was definitely amused. He walked past me. "It's actually fortunate for me because I never liked you." He laughed. "Or is it just because you're scared of me?" I said and he stopped. Then I walked away towards Nicklas's torture chamber. When I arrived I pulled him out of the spring of boiling blood. He was strapped to the wall as I selected a knife from the table and headed towards him. "So... You gonna tell me where that camp is or not?" I said as I sliced a long deep cut across his chest. He wailed and said,"In a tissue box, bitch." I pondered this,"Hmm... Wrong answer." I plunged the knife into his stomach. He wailed even more as a took the blowtorch and slowly started burning his lungs. "Now?"I said and got a long skewer and stuck it through his liver, then started burning that too. Hours filled with screaming, blood, and the burning smell of flesh passed. Finally he gave in. "Thank you." I said ad smiled cruelly as I cut off his tongue and threw him back into the spring. I walked back to the exit/entrance and grabbed the knife from the altar, slit my wrist and painted a satanic star on the wall then, placed my hand in the centre of it. In a flash of searing heat I was back to where I entered from, my human appearance back. I walked into the house and saw Lilith spinning in a circle and singing,"LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!!!!!" I looked at her wearing and said,"Um, Lil... Whatcha doin' there?" I walked across the room and sat on Ed's lap as he wrapped his arms around my waist, I looked at him for explanation and he said,"Lilith's drunk." That explains it. Just then Night and Bart walked in laughing. Lilith started swaying and singing 'God Loves Me'. As Night say us she blushed a deep scarlet. I looked into her eyes and saw. I laughed then said, "Awww poor little Night's been scarred for life!" Everybody looked at me confused but Lilith and Night. "Anyway, I got something." I said and smiled as Lilith starting singing,"Night and Bart sittin' in the café! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!" Kayla walked in and dragged Lilith into her room then sat back with the rest of us and said,"So what's up?" I smiled then said,"I found out where the camp is." Night said,"How did you get him to say that?"

Co-Authors Note: 

Hey!!!!! §Whacko•Jacko§ here!!!! Gabby will be the one who writes the night POV and I'll write my POV!!! So when it says Jaedyn's POV know it's me.

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