Dark Moments

Night is anything but a normal girl. She fears herself and what will happen if anyone finds out. Damin, a man who's constantly showing up, threatens to reveal her real form. Frightened as she is Night agrees to a horrible plan. (This is my first story so cut me some slack if it's bad)


7. Demons and Angels

My eyes fluttered open and I groaned. My head was dizzy and I rubbed my forehead, feeling a gauze over the gash. I propped myself up on my elbow. I was on my couch in my apartment. "You're awake! Finally." Jaed appeared behind me. I stared at her. She still had her leather pants, jewelry, and jacket on. Her belly shirt was now a sparkling ruby red tank top. She held a foam cup in her hand. "What...is that?" I asked, groggily, pointing at the cup. "A mocha frappechino." She smiled and took a sip. I nodded and lied back down. "Hey!! I got the ice pack!" Someone called from my kitchen. There was footsteps and suddenly cool I've on my head. I looked. A girl with light blonde hair, pale skin, and green eyes stood over me smiling. She wore a green tshirt and white skinny jeans. "Hi, I'm Lilith Dæmon, Jaeds friend." She jerked her thumb at Jaed. I heard a shuffle and looked over at the window. Leaning against the wall by the window was a 6'10" guy. He had short brown hair and blue eyes. He had jeans, a blue tshirt, and a leather jacket over it on. He waved slightly and said, "Hi, I'm Ed Ange." "Hi." I waved. "Don't try anything or I'll rip out your heart." Jaed said. I looked at her. "He's my angel boyfriend." I looked at Ed. He reached behind down his shirt and plucked something. He pulled out his hand and an ivory feather in it. I turned to look at Lilith. "But isn't she a..." "Yea yea, me and her are both demons and Ed's an angel, deal with it." Lilith waved her hand. "Ok...wasn't I at the party with jaed?" "Yea you were. But after I scared off Damin Ed and Lilith showed up. We cast a spell on the people there to forget it ever happened. Then we took you here." Jaed said and finished off her mocha frappechino. "Oh..." Suddenly I sat straight up. "DAMIN!!" I yelled. "What?" Ed asked looking confused. "He's gone." "For now!" I said getting up. "He'll come back and kill me and then the Prenstons. We gotta save them." "Wait wait!" Jaed pushed me back down. "Now listen, I think me and Lilith and Ed can take one guy with dog teeth." I stared at her. Suddenly a rock smashed through the window. Ed leaped away. Lilith picked up the rock and took off the note attached. "It says 'Night, kill Mr. Prenston or face the consequences. I'm more powerful than you imagine and with my pack we can take down your protectors. If you do not kill him by Monday me and my pack will hunt you and your demon down and destroy you.' It isn't signed." She read. I gulped. "Uh..." Jaed shifted feet. "That's it. I'm going to get the Prenstons and run away with them." I said getting up. "Are you crazy you can't run with them!" Ed said. "I have no choice! If we stay here were going to die." I growled. "Why?" Lilith asked. Jaed sighed and flicked her head. "Ouch!" Lilith rubbed her head. "I don't want to kill Mr. Prenston. So Damin is going to kill us." I explained. "Oh." Lilith said. Ed rolled his eyes and jaed face palmed. I took a deep breath and said, "Now, we gotta figure out how to escape Damin and his pack."

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