The Gangs

Gangs: "A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents."
Most gangs are made because of lables, and two of the most deadly, well-known rivals are 'emos' and 'chavs'. 15 year old gang leader Hope is caught up in all of this and her choices will not only destroy her life, but also Jesse's, her older brother.


8. Chapter 8: Jesse

Chapter 8: Jesse

“We were sleeping, until some prick woke us up.” Jesse retorted.

“Jesse” Moon mumbled whilst slightly grabbing his arm.

“I haven’t got time for this shit! We are leaving to get Hope in five minutes. Meet us outside.” He spat then left. Moon looked at Jesse.

“Help me get out of here.” She begged.

“Ok, as soon as we get Hope we can run off together. Just you and me. No gangs, no fights, no deaths. I promise.” He said and passionately kissed her.

“You shouldn’t make a promise that you may not be able to keep.” She teased.

“I will try my hardest to keep it then. You’ll be safe with me.” He promised.

            Five minutes had past and they were both ready. Everyone was waiting. Everyone was blood thirsty. Scar kept hold of Jesse’s arm for the whole trip. It was a ten minute walk with about ten shortcuts to get to where the Chavs were. Shark was holding Bloods hand. They had already discussed that if they were in too much danger then Blood will go with the Chavs and then they will help her escape. As they got closer to a deserted apartment, they all pulled their knives out in perfect unison, except Jesse.

            “Doesn’t Jesse get a knife?” Moon asked furiously.

“Not after what I saw this morning. Be grateful you have one!” Shark whisper yelled.

He put his hand in the air when they reached the door. He put up three fingers. Then lowered one of them so there were only two. Then again to one.  He moved his hand sharply forward in a going gesture. The group of them charged towards the door, breaking it on their first attempt, but to their surprise, someone was waiting for them. Happiness filled Jesse. He snatched his arm away from Scar.

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