The Gangs

Gangs: "A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents."
Most gangs are made because of lables, and two of the most deadly, well-known rivals are 'emos' and 'chavs'. 15 year old gang leader Hope is caught up in all of this and her choices will not only destroy her life, but also Jesse's, her older brother.


7. Chapter 7: Hope

Chapter 7: Hope

Hopes eyes slowly opened. Her whole body ached. Her eyes could finally focus and she realised she was in a different room. It had a blue colour scheme and basic furniture.

“What time is it?” She mumbled.

“7am” Spoons said. Hope could feel a warm liquid trickle down her face.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Jett beat the crap outta you coz you beat the crap outta Mel. Then Erik hurt you a lot and you passed out. ”


“Sit up.” Said Spoons. Hope wriggled around the floor until she was sat up. Spoons gently dabbed her head with a damp cloth, cleaning off the blood. The silence was so deafening, it hurt their ears. He then got his knife out of his pocket and cut the ropes which were around here wrists and ankles. He cleaned up the rest of her injuries.

“There.” Said Spoons when he finished.

“Thanks.” Hope grunted. Spoons laughed. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. I just love how much pain you put yourself through to say thanks to a chav.”

“Shut up.” She laughed. They both got along well, both liked each other too. Spoons could feel the connection. He liked her a lot, so he lent in and kissed Hope. He expected her to pull away, but she didn’t. She kissed back. The soft and gentle beauty from the kiss surrounded them. She felt so happy. He made her feel better than what Taylor did.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Yelled Erik, who was standing in the doorway. Jett was stood behind him. Erik and Jett glared at Hope and Spoons, and then Erik and Jett looked at each other before looking back at the two innocent looking teens. Spoons jumped in front of Hope.

 Erik ran towards Spoons and Jett towards Hope.

“She’s very slutty for an emo. Do you think she’ll give us some?” Jett said. He and Erik laughed.

“Don’t touch her!” Spoons yelled.

Jett grabbed hold of Hope’s hips.

“Don’t touch me.” She spat. Without any notice, Jett and Erik punched Hope and Spoons. The two of them fell into a deep state of unconsciousness.


When Spoons and Hope were conscious again, they realised how much shit they were in. Spoons had a bike lock around his neck, attaching him to a metal pole, which was a desk leg. Hope also had something around her neck, rope. She was stood on a box, as if she were to be hung.

"First you hit my sister, now you get off with my mate! You’re the biggest bitch I know!" Jett said kicking the box underneath Hope. She quickly regained her balance.

"DON'T" Spoons growled, trying to take off the bike lock.

“Give my one reason why I shouldn’t let her hang!” Jett Ordered.

"We have to keep her alive, for Pub's sake. Let's go." Erik Interrupted.

            The two boys left, leaving Hope and Spoons alone in the room.

“Don’t worry Hope, I’ll save us, we can run away together.” Spoons whispered. Hope pulled out a pen knife from her pants.

“I can save myself thanks.” She smirked. She cut the rope around her neck then sprinted over to spoons and began to cut the bike lock.

“Thanks.” He grunted. Hope laughed. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. I just love how much pain you put yourself through to say thanks to an emo.” She Giggled.

“Shut up.” He said kissing her.

            When Spoons was free they went to the door. As soon as they opened it, they were greeted by a pissed off looking Mel.

“Where do you think you’re goin’” Mel said. Mel didn’t notice the small knife which was still in Hope’s hand. She ran towards Hope, and as she did, the small knife plunged into her stomach. Hope went numb. She pulled out the knife. She felt sick with guilt. With the knife which was in her hand, she started to hack and her wrists.

“Hope, Hope stop.” Spoons begged. “Please Hope.” He grabbed her wrists and pulled her into a hug. Tears streamed down her face.

“I didn’t mean to kill her. She ran towards me. I didn’t –”

“I know. Cumon, we have to go.” Spoons said as he put his arm around her grabbed and started running. Hope had no choice but to follow.

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