The Gangs

Gangs: "A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents."
Most gangs are made because of lables, and two of the most deadly, well-known rivals are 'emos' and 'chavs'. 15 year old gang leader Hope is caught up in all of this and her choices will not only destroy her life, but also Jesse's, her older brother.


6. Chapter 6: Jesse

Chapter 6: Jesse

Jesse’s eyes slowly flickered open, and he was greeted by a worried looking Moon.

“Are you ok?” She asked him as she dabbed some of the fresh blood off of his head.

“Yer.” He groaned. Moon pulled a knife out of her bag. Fear shot through Jesse, as Moon put the knife near his wrists which were tied together behind his back. He hadn’t realised that his hands and feet were tied together, until Moon cut the rope, realising them.

“Thanks.” He said as he rubbed his wrists, which were now red and burned by the rope.

“You done nothing wrong, Sharks being an idiot, he has feelings for Hope.” Moon said.

“My sister will never date him, I won’t let her!” Jesse protested.

“Calm down. Are you hungry? Mercy is making dinner.”

“A little”

“I’ll go get you some food” Moon said as she walked out of the room.

Thoughts of running away fled threw Jesse's mind. He couldn’t. There was something about Moon. A sort of weakness which makes her different. Her wrists were nearly scar less except for one cut on each. She looked worried when the boys were fighting earlier. She took care of how she looked. Jesse knew he couldn’t leave her. He knew when he runs away, it will be with her. Moon or Hope. Who was more important? He had to run, even though he didn’t want to. He could always come back and get Moon, but Hope could soon be killed. He jumped up on to his feet and walked up to the door. He took a slow, deep breath in and went to open the door. It was locked.

“Shit.” He swore, whilst he tried even harder to open the door. After five minutes of trying, he gave up and sat back down in the corner.

             The locked door began to open and Moon’s head popped around the door.

“Here you go.” Moon said, handing him a plate of fish and chips. She shut the door quickly, and then sat on the floor, opposite Jesse.

“Thanks.” He said as he started eating. When they finished, they both lied on the floor.

“Moon, why aren’t you like the others? You obviously don’t want to be here.” Jesse Said with his arms around her. She turned around and faced him.

“I just want to fit in.” She whispered.

“You would fit in anywhere.”

“No I wouldn’t, not even my family like me.” She said with pain in her voice.

“I like you.” Jesse said smiling. He leaned a little closer to her and gave her a tender kiss on the lips.

“I like you too.” She replied. After a few hours of talking and kissing, until they fell  asleep. Jesse had his arm around Moon, and never let her go. He wanted to protect her.


 “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Bellowed Shark, waking them both up.

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