The Gangs

Gangs: "A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents."
Most gangs are made because of lables, and two of the most deadly, well-known rivals are 'emos' and 'chavs'. 15 year old gang leader Hope is caught up in all of this and her choices will not only destroy her life, but also Jesse's, her older brother.


5. Chapter 5: Hope

Chapter 5: Hope

Hope's eyes slowly flickered open. Her head was spinning and throbbing with pain. Her hearing muffled and eyes blurry, but she could still see the two silhouettes, which belong to Jase and Spoons. They both had piercing green eyes and brown hair. Spoons hair was spikey whereas Jase’s hair was swept across his face.

Pain shot through her from the cuts on her hands. Her wrists were red from the rope which was tightly holding them to the chair. Her ankles were also firmly attached to the chair and tape was over her mouth. Blood was pouring out of her head and down her face. The blood from her hands were now trickling down the chair and staining the carpet.

"I'll tell Erik she's up." Said Jase as he walked out of the room. Spoons walked over to hope and quickly ripped the tape off of her mouth. He bent down so his mouth was next to her ear.

"Try anything and your dead, emo." He whispered before standing up straight again.

"Ohh, I'm sooo scared." She retorted. Spoons slapped her around the face. They glared at each other, but were interrupted when Mel, Erik, Jase and Jett walked in. Pub scurried behind them.

"Make sure you clean her up a bit, she has to look decent if we're gunna swap her for Pub's sis." Erik said as he glared at me.

"Is that why I'm here, so you can trade me with Blood?" Hope asked.

"Her names Scarlett not Blood!" Pub stated.

"Yes, and she also wanted to join my gang, I didn't make her!" Hope yelled.

"Calm down you two" Mel said.

"Shut up Mel!” Pub Yelled.


"S-sorry." Pub mumbled.

"Anyways, they is gunna start lookin' for her tomoz." Mel informed them.

"How do you know?" Hope asked.

 "A traitor." Erik said smirking. "Untie the emo." He said to Jase and Spoons, he turned to Hope, "And you have to act all hurt and weak so we can swap you."

"Who's the traitor?" Hope said with anger in her voice.

"Not sayin'" Mel replied smirking.

"Tell me!" Hope grunted as she stood up.

"Fight me!" Mel grunted back, so she did.

Hope immediately punched her in the face, and Mel did the same. Hope then punched her in the face again, but this time, busting Mel’s lip. Mel grabbed a handful of Hope's hair, but Hope punched her in the gut, causing her to let go. Mel fell to the floor and Hope kicked her repeatedly, until Hope was being held back by Jase, Pub and Erik.

"Mel, go lie down, Jase will sort your nose and lip out in a minute as soon as we sort the emo out." Erik told her. Mel slowly limped out of the room. 'Shit,' thought Hope. Jett was filled with pure anger and hate. He punched Hope repeatedly.

"Dude, calm down, we need to keep her alive." Spoons said holding him back. All Hope could taste was blood. The only thing which was holding her up was Jase, Pub and Erik.

“Jase stop it, she had enough.” Spoons pleaded

"Jase, go sort Mel out, and Jett and Pub go wid 'im. Spoons help me tie emo up." Erik Ordered. Everyone followed his orders obediently.   Hope tried to fight against the two muscular boys.

“Can’t you do things the easy way?” Erik asked.

“Nope, not really.” Hope retorted whilst she punch Erik in the face. He fell to the floor, and without him realising, Hope took Erik’s knife from his pocket and slipped it in her boot. Spoons grabbed hold of her right wrist and twisted it behind her back. He chicken legged her and within seconds he had her pinned to the floor.

“I suggest you just give up now, love.” Spoons smirked.

“That’s not in my nature, love.” She grunted. In one smooth movement, she was on top of him, pinning him to the floor. Erik sneaked up behind them and pushed Hope off of Spoons. He went to grab his knife out of his pocket but realised it was gone. Hope looked at her boot, and Erik noticed. Spoons stuck his arms around Hopes chest. She violently kicked her legs.

“Jett! We need your help!” Erik called. Jett stormed into the room. “Pin down her legs, she has my knife in her boot.” Jett jumped onto Hope’s legs and calmly sat on them. Erik ripped off her boots and his knife fell out. “Turn here over.” He demanded.

As soon as Hope was leaning on her front, Erik sat on her back and pulled up her top.

“What are you doing?” She asked, finding it harder to breathe.

“Teaching you a lesson” Erik said with happiness in his voice.

“Erik, don’t.” Spoons whispered. Before Hope could realise what was going on, Erik began to cut the word ‘chav’ into her shoulder. Once he had finished, he got up and grabbed a bottle of vodka from the other side of the room and then poured it over her new cut. Hope screamed in pain.

“Next time, do what you’re told. It’s a lot easier” He whispered in her ear. He moved away from her ear. “You two tie her up. Once you’re done take her to Spoons room. Make sure you keep an eye on her Spoons.” Erik put his knife in his pocket, stood up, and left. The pain was too much for Hope to bear and she fell into a blissful sleep.



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